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Before you read any further, run to your kitchen and search your spice rack (or equivalent storage area) for some salt. Because this new Star Wars: Episode 8 rumor demands it.

Comic Book Movie has shared some potential spoilers from a secret source and it could all be complete and total B.S. or it could be completely true or it could be something in-between. I’m not prepared to call this fake yet, but I’m also not prepared to fully embrace it. Certain aspects of this align with things we have already seen from the film’s set, but that simply means this could all be reverse engineered from what we already know. This is why we’re sticking this in Star Wars Bits – this is a place to discuss this kind of minutiae. Don’t treat this as gospel.

Anyway, the report deals with Rey’s heritage and it could be considered a huge spoiler, so keep on scrolling if you want to know as little as possible. For everyone else:

In the scene Luke tells Rey that the Jedi Council became “arrogant” and that they were hiding a “secret,” which led to their demise. The old Jedi master takes Rey’s hand and shows her a glimpse into the past. They see two children playing near a tree on an alien planet. The boy noticed that he had greater strength and intuition when he was closer to this tree. The girl noticed that the tree also made her brother increasingly angry. One day an argument breaks out between the children, and the boy kills the girl. The boy touches the tree and is “transformed,”. He kills his parents and leaves the planet. Meanwhile the girl is revealed to be alive, transformed by the tree as well, using her power to start the first Jedi Order.

The girl explains how The Force can be used for both good and evil. She tells her followers that one day she would return as either a boy or a girl, and that they should train this child. Luke tells Rey that the Jedi Order had been searching for The One (reincarnation of the original founder of the Jedi) for a millennia. When they found Anakin Skywalker and thought that he would bring balance to The Force, the Jedi were “deceived” and the Clone Wars were the result. The scene also shows Rey’s parents, and Luke is not the father. Luke tells her how she was identified as strong with The Force, and how she was supposed to begin her training, but never reached her destination for an unknown reason. In the scene Luke gives Rey a choice, and she has till sunset to make it.

The tree is the key element here, especially since the Star Wars: Shattered Empire comic book miniseries featured Luke stealing a tree that once grew at the Jedi temple from an Imperial installation and a large, mystical-looking tree was seen on the Episode 8 sets in Ireland…where Daisy Ridley and Mark Hamill have done the bulk of their filming. There have also been various fan theories floating around for ages that Rey was some kind of incarnation, which would allow everyone to effectively dodge the whole “parent” angle altogether.

However, another “chosen one” storyline sounds like a slog unless its handled with utmost care. Sure, Star Wars began its existence by embracing Joseph Campbell archetypes, but the past forty years of Hollywood blockbusters have wrung that angle dry. At this point, Star Wars is powerful enough to shatter new ground and do whatever the heck it wants. If there is truth to this story (and I’m just spitballing for the sake of fun until we know for sure!), I hope this is a decision that was reached organically by Rian Johnson and the Lucasfilm creatives, not some kind of obligation to the tropes of the genre.

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Mark Hamill may have had less than a minute of screen time in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but if there was any doubt that he was a major, major character in Star Wars: Episode 8, feel free to drop it now. After all, we’ve seen all of those set photos of him and Daisy Ridley galavanting around beautiful Irish locales and now we have this quote from a larger interview where he discusses his very long shooting days:

It’s been 6 a.m. calls every morning, and I have another one tomorrow. I’m taking to showering the night before, so I just roll out of bed 15 minutes before, and then go straight to the studio.

The rest of the interview, which is mostly focused on his new Pop Culture Quest project, can be read at the link above.


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