Film Independent Live Read: "The Empire Strikes Back"


Finally, the whole movie comes down to Luke versus Darth Vader. Like the other action scenes, that meant Reitman was doing a lot of reading, interspersed with a line or two from Simmons as Vader. Rainn Wilson made lightsaber noises into the microphone to give the scene a little more tension and, when it came to the big line, Simmons took a long beat before revealing “I am your father.” Paul’s reaction wasn’t as big as Hamill’s but, it wouldn’t have been considering the choices he made with the character. Simmons shined here, attempting to coax Luke to the Dark Side with his deep, seductive voice.

Film Independent Live Read: "The Empire Strikes Back"


Film Independent pulled out all the stops for this particular Live Read and it paid off. The event was electric, entertaining and memorable. So, to answer that big question, did The Empire Strikes Back hold up without the music and visuals? The answer is yes. The script still has all the fun and emotion of the original movie. For the one night-only event, it was an unforgettable experience.

Not all of the actors were perfect as their characters. But when you’re reading something as beloved and iconic as Star Wars, it’s kind of difficult to go too far off course. Merchant, Simmons, Pollack and Hamill definitely stood out and maybe that’s because those characters are better “characters.” They aren’t as grounded as the others, which are more difficult parts. Either way, Jason Reitman put together a fantastic cast, some great surprises, and brought home another truly awesome Live Read.

Film Independent Live Read: "The Empire Strikes Back"

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