As a Guillermo del Toro-directed film about giant robots battling giant monsters, Pacific Rim was automatically burdened with sky-high expectations. But the more we hear about it, the more it sounds like it actually lives up to them and then some. The first test screening last month was met with glowing approval. Now another test screening from this past weekend has yielded even more overwhelmingly positive responses. Hit the jump to read more.

It’s unclear how the cut shown this past weekend differs from the one shown in February. As with all test screening reactions, it’s worth keeping in mind that the version the audience saw was probably not the final theatrical cut. But unless del Toro makes some really, really drastic changes between now and July, it sounds like we’re in for a hell of a ride.

Of all the responses I caught on Twitter, this may have been the most “negative.” And by “negative,” I mean “still pretty positive.”

This individual seemed entertained but not blown away.

And this viewer acknowledged that the fact that she saw the movie early and for free may have colored her reaction.

Del Toro fans were not disappointed.

It helps that the premise itself is already pretty awesome, as this person points out.

Pacific Rim won’t hit theaters for another several months, but if this tweet is any indication there are already people eager to see it again.

Audience members were likely told not to talk about the film, but lots of folks just couldn’t help themselves.

But for sheer enthusiasm, no one could top Robert Meyer Burnett.

Burnett went on in that vein for hours; check his Twitter feed for even more comments.

Again, these early reactions should be taken with a grain of salt. I’m guessing that most or all of the people who went to the screening had to sign NDAs. The ones who disliked the film, then, were probably less inclined to risk pissing off the studio by breaking that contract.

The hype around this film is so strong right now that I fear the film can’t possibly live up. But even if some of these reports are a bit exaggerated it’s clear del Toro has a great summer treat in store for us with Pacific Rim. Look for the movie in theaters July 12.

Update: We’ve gotten word that no NDAs were signed at the screening. Staff told audience members not to talk about the movie, but del Toro encouraged viewers to tell their friends about the film. Adjust your impressions accordingly.

Update #2: A new poster has been released for the film:


[H/t, Comic Book Movie]

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