Are Toaster Strudels the new popcorn? We’ll leave that up to the commenters, but the NYT reports that various IMAX theaters are now offering tickets for 6 a.m. showings of The Dark Knight to meet fan frenzy. If these screenings sell out—-theaters in Chicago, San Diego and Minnesota are reportedly participating—expect other IMAX theaters to follow. We previously reported on TDK‘s ticket sales running ahead of Spider-Man 3.

Midnight shows suit the film perfectly, but we might have to leave our sunglasses on for a 6 a.m. screening. And the thought of a bunch of hyper sextuplets wearing Joker pajamas climbing all over us in the theater is a bit much, like some kind of parasitosis prank worthy of the Clown Prince himself.

Discuss: 6 a.m. or bust?

via Vulture

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