190. The Unbirthday Song

The music here is better than the lyrics, in part because there’s so few of the latter. But there’s no better song in Alice in Wonderland to encapsulate its out-there personality.

189. The Dwarfs’ Yodel Song (The Silly Song)

This song takes place as Snow White and Dopey, standing on another dwarf’s shoulders to approximate a man of normal height, dance. The number is very cute, but can’t hold a candle to the dwarfs’ introductory song.

188. If I Never Knew You

This sweet song was moved to Pocahontas’ end credits due to flagging audience interest. However, the romance is so weakly developed that the song wouldn’t have made an impact on the story.

187. Brazzle Dazzle Day

“Brazzle Dazzle Day” is, like its title, annoyingly memorable. Helen Reddy and Mickey Rooney make it palatable, but it’s still obnoxious.

186. Honor to Us All

“Honor to Us All” establishes Mulan’s challenge in forging a unique path in feudal China. But aside from that conflict, the song doesn’t linger.

185. Jack’s Lament

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a story about a guy who’s unfulfilled despite his great life. That fuels this early dirge, where Jack Skellington says he wants more, without knowing what “more” entails.


184. The Virginia Company

Pocahontas’ solid opening song portends the conflict between English settlers and the Native American tribes of the New World.

183. Uncle Remus Said

The music to Song of the South is exceptionally catchy, down to the tune for “Uncle Remus Said.” But it’s impossible to separate the music’s quality from the stereotypical lyrics.

182. Pavement Artist

This energetic prelude to “Chim Chim Cher-ee” depicts Dick Van Dyke’s Bert in artist mode, drawing with chalk on the sidewalk.

181. I’m Wishing

Snow White is very sweet, but simple. Her primary desire in the first Disney animated feature, as evidenced in “I’m Wishing,” is to be whisked away by a dashing prince.

180. I Love to Laugh

Nothing against Ed Wynn, who gets one scene in Mary Poppins, but the charm of this song wears off as the melody grows monotonous.

179. Cinderella

This pleasing song doesn’t get as much love as it should, relative to the film’s other musical numbers.

178. Arabian Nights

Howard Ashman’s lyrics are usually wonderful, but this deadpan song indulged in such casual stereotyping that the resultant outcry led to it being revised post-release.


177. Daughters of Triton

Can you name Ariel’s six sisters? They don’t get much time to shine except for this slight yet catchy number.

176. Up, Down, and Touch the Ground

Winnie the Pooh is not the fittest bear, as the charming and slight “Up Down, and Touch the Ground” suggests.

175. The World’s Greatest Criminal Mind

Vincent Price makes an excellent villain in The Great Mouse Detective. “The World’s Greatest Criminal Mind” is a fine number that emphasizes his character’s villainy.

174. Strange Things

This upbeat song plays as Sheriff Woody realizes how displaced he is in Andy’s bedroom now that Buzz Lightyear is around.

173. Fathoms Below

This song is barely better than “Daughters of Triton,” because it’s driven by a solid seafaring tune courtesy of Alan Menken.

172. A British Bank

George Banks has the same leitmotif throughout Mary Poppins. When the melody kicks in here, David Tomlinson and Julie Andrews sing briefly, as Mary manipulates George into taking his kids to his workplace.

171. The Mob Song

“The Mob Song” features harrowing lyrics, like when Gaston snaps at Belle, “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.” Still, it’s hard to compare to the film’s other songs.

170. Skumps (Drinking Song)

This drinking song’s fine, but goodness, “Skumps” is a weird word. Why not “Cheers”?

169. Higitus Figitus

Of the songs in The Sword in the Stone, “Higitus Figitus” is as good as it gets. Merlin’s nonsense spell to pack up his lair is goofy, but builds in intensity.

168. Family

No songs in James and the Giant Peach are world-beaters, but the dark yet charming “Family” comes closest.

167. The Court of Miracles

Paul Kandel, as the gypsy Clopin, is The Hunchback of Notre Dame’s secret weapon; his voice propels numbers like this one.

166. Best of Friends

Of the five songs in The Fox and the Hound, the twinkly “Best of Friends,” performed by Pearl Bailey, is the standout.

165. The Gift of Beauty and Song/Maleficent Appears/True Love Conquers All

Like another of the film’s songs higher on the list, this hazy piece has the tone of a half-remembered dream.

164. Johnny Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet

The Andrews Sisters’ voices are what make this song, about a pair of hats in love with each other, work.

163. It’s Not Easy

Sean Marshall sings his heart out on “It’s Not Easy,” but even if he wasn’t duetting with Helen Reddy, who saves the song, it’d be rough to hear.

162. When Can I See You Again?

Wreck-It Ralph takes its thematic cues from Toy Story, so of course the film only has a couple of songs, including this bouncy Owl City number that plays over the credits.

161. Poor Aurora/Sleeping Beauty

Though each choral number in Sleeping Beauty has a different theme, they feel interchangeable. “Poor Aurora/Sleeping Beauty” is one such number.

160. Strangers Like Me

The songs in Tarzan, with one exception, are solid, this ballad less so than the others.

159. The Backson Song

Winnie the Pooh and company get easily scared at not-at-all-terrifying things. Thus, we have the charming “The Backson Song,” where the characters presume a monster has eaten Christopher Robin.

158. Hail to the Princess Aurora

This upbeat march is repetitive, but the most memorably quick song in the early part of Sleeping Beauty.

157. Son of Man

“Son of Man” is most like a Phil Collins song in Tarzan as opposed to a Disney song. However, this works because of the propulsive percussion.

156. A Very Important Thing To Do

Winnie the Pooh is a short Disney feature, so its songs are brief. “A Very Important Thing To Do” is appropriately staccato, fueled by Zooey Deschanel’s soothing tones.

155. I See the Light

This sweet duet occurs at a moment of deep connection for Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. It looks great! But this doesn’t stand up that well to other Disney duets.

154. Gonna Take You There

It makes sense for The Princess and the Frog to feature a zydeco-tinged song, considering its setting. Jim Cummings, as chatty lightning bug Ray, gets the Cajun accent, but this one’s pretty slight.

153. Love

This isn’t the best Disney romantic number played over images of Robin Hood and Maid Marian frolicking, but it has a hazy sweetness.

152. Baia

The charm of The Three Caballeros comes from how it captures the spirit of Latin America. “Baia,” a swooning ballad with a thrilling vamp that shifts to an upbeat rhythm, evokes this spirit at its best.

151. The Three Caballeros

The title song to the 1944 package film is as bouncy and Latin-tinged as promised.

150. Perfect World

“Perfect World,” a slyly narcissistic song for the title character of The Emperor’s New Groove, is the film’s best, performed with brio by Tom Jones.

149. Heaven’s Light

You may be more familiar with the song after “Heaven’s Light,” which Quasimodo sings tenderly after falling for the gypsy Esmeralda. But Tom Hulce’s delicate voice provides it a welcome grace.

148. Two Worlds

Phil Collins’ work on Tarzan vastly outshines what he did with Brother Bear. This isn’t the film’s best song, but encapsulates its themes well.

147. Ma Belle Evangeline

As goofy as this love song is — a lighting bug sings to his true love, a shining star in the night sky — Jim Cummings and trumpeter Terence Blanchard make it work.

146. All I Want

This song’s sorrowful tones are arresting, without being a slog. Within the context of Song of the South, it comes at a high point of melodrama, but works on its own.

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