The Defenders showrunners interview

Was introducing the Punisher and Elektra in Daredevil good practice for balancing three characters?

Petrie: Yes, absolutely. Great question. Marco and I have gotten used to juggling a lot of plates, so Marvel just added more great plates.

Ramirez: I think in a weird way, Daredevil season two almost felt like perfect preparation for what we’re doing now because we got to put on our storytelling hats and also our geek for the material hats and be like what is it I want to see? So really now on Defenders, we’re exercising those same muscles which feels like we have these four incredible, iconic, awesome characters to work with. What do we most want to see them do? Let’s find stuff that is exciting and also will ideally be very unexpected for the audience as well. So how do we surprise them and give them what they’re expecting but not the way they’re expecting?

Are you thinking of one monolithic villain or multiple villains for The Defenders?

Petrie: Interesting. We never really think of them as antagonists, first of all. We always think of everyone having their own agenda.

Ramirez: Without giving any spoilers or anything, I can say it’s been a challenge because now that they’re all four together, it feels like they’re so powerful. How cool is this? We get to use all four of these people but I think we’ve found something that feels great.

You found one massive threat or a combination of threats?

Ramirez: Can’t say. Again, the focus at least right now as we write these scripts, the focus is on telling the greatest “Matt meets JJ meets Danny meets Luke” story and focusing on them.

Can you begin to think of Daredevil season three?

Petrie: Oh gosh, we’ve got our hands full with The Defenders right now. I’m so thrilled that they announced it. I’m so thrilled that we’re doing it. We’ll figure it out like we always do.

Does showrunning The Defenders leave you in a better place to set Matt Murdock up for his season three?

Petrie: Oh sure. We will be returning all of our characters to interesting new places where their respective show runners can pick up the threads.

So they say, but you’re the Daredevil showrunners. You have an advantage.

Petrie: We do. We don’t have to get our own approval.

And you have to know where Luke Cage and Iron Fist leave off, don’t you?

Petrie: We do. We do. Marvel has been really great at blending all the information and all the showrunners and sharing and contributing. It’s been fun.

Marvel's Jessica Jones

Is there room for Matt’s lawyering during The Defenders?

Petrie: Always. Always. Always. It’s what he is. Is there room for Catholicism? Is there room for angst? Is there room for heartbreak? Is there room for violence? Yes, all these things.

So you don’t need to put it on the back burner?

Petrie: Nothing’s going on the back burner. They’re all bringing all their A games to The Defenders I’m happy to say.

Did you already know you had The Defenders when you were breaking Daredevil?

Petrie: Towards the end we had a pretty good sense of it.

Ramirez: The decision I want to say happened I want to say toward the end of this season so we had to keep stuff secret which was fun. To be on set, we’d often get questions, people like, “Do you know who’s doing The Defenders?” and had to be like oh man, don’t know. I have no idea, who knows? Once it was announced I was really happy.

Did you design the end of Daredevil to leave Matt, Frank and Elektra in a place that would work for The Defenders?

Petrie: No, we just told the story that we wanted to tell and we knew we’d be able to pick him up afterwards. At the end of Daredevil season two, the biggest event is that he tells Karen Page who he really is. So of course we have to follow up on that in The Defenders and all four characters need to follow up on where they were left off by their independent shows.

Could Defenders be Daredevil season 2.5?

Ramirez: In a way, it kind of has to be everybody’s next season. In a way it has to be JJ season 1.5 and Luke season 1.5 and Iron Fist 1.5. In a way, we owed it to all the characters to make it the next step in their progression so we could tell this massive story and then they can ideally, as JJ season 2 has already been picked up, go back in and stay very true to who they are in their own stories when they go back into their own.

Would you hope be to have Frank and Elektra back for the third season?

Petrie: I hope we get everybody but I don’t control that.

Ramirez: I can’t talk to that at all. Right now, honestly, my focus is entirely on The Defenders. Right now the only Daredevil story I’m worried about is what he does on The Defenders. It’s hopefully going to be really fun.

Would you look on their own shows as a proud parent?

Petrie: Oh, I’m a fan of all the shows, absolutely.

Are you saving anything for Daredevil season 3?

Ramirez: It’s always been my instinct to not save anything. Just come up with new shit later. No, if we have the idea today and the camera’s ready to roll, we’re shooting it today.


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