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With the post-credits tag, did you let James Wan know that you were throwing a little shade on Aquaman?

No. It’s funny because that was something we shot for the whole montage. We just shot so much stuff for it that we couldn’t put it all in the movie, but it was just so fun to come up with all these things, all the powers they could test and all the things they could try. So that was one that wound up on the cutting room floor. I was like, “We could put something after the end crawl.” Looking at the things that we had left over, it was just like that one’s perfect. By that time, Aquaman had come out and done so well, it was kind of fun to poke a little fun at Aquaman.

Does he know now? I’m sure he’ll be a good sport about it.

I’m sure he will. I don’t know. I don’t know if he’s seen the movie yet. We last spoke during post-production right as he was finishing up Aquaman.

How did you choose the needle drops with Queen and the Ramones?

Partly I wanted something a little more punk in the end, something that felt a little more scrappy and punk. That would go well with that sort of drawn end title sequence. It was just perfect that they had a song I Don’t Wanna Grow Up which felt very appropriate. Then Queen, we were just looking at songs that would be appropriate and work for whatever scene we had.

Who did the animated end titles for you?

It’s a company called Aspect Ratio who do a lot of title sequences. They did the opening title sequence as well.

Was it based on specific comic books?

More free form. The idea was this was Freddy’s notebook where he’s been doodling all the superheroes he loves, now doodling about their adventures, about what they did. In that form we could use all of the superheroes that he’d look up to: Aquaman, Wonderwoman, Flash and Batman.

Was it a debate whether Shazam! would exist in a world where other superheroes existed too?

No, that was always the plan that it took place in this universe where all of these characters exist and these events have happened. That was the great thing. There wasn’t any mandate from the studio that we have to incorporate this or you can’t incorporate this or you have to set something up for the future. It was just focus on making the best Shazam! movie and then you’re welcome to incorporate whatever you want basically. We could all geek out and put in all these references.

We never see Zachary out of the costume. Did you ever discuss whether he’d try taking it off as an adult?

No, we had some early ideas of maybe he would try to rip his cape off and what would happen. Would it just sort of grow back? We didn’t really want to get into that because it feels like as soon as he is Shazam, the suit is as much a part of him as everything else. He just becomes the comic book character.

“With great power comes great responsibility” comes from the other comics, but is that really the essence of this and any hero story?

I think so. The fun thing about Shazam! is that a lot of other superheroes become superheroes when they’re adults and they get very much weighed down by “oh sh*t, I have this responsibility now.” It’s kind of a burden for them. With Shazam, he is sort of young and naive when he starts out. We explore the fun side of, “Holy sh*t, I’m a superhero! I can do all this cool sh*t!” Of course, in the real world, any kid who got a superpower would film it and put it up on YouTube and get all these subscribers. That’s what I really like about the character.

And would also go too far at a certain point.

Absolutely. Kids with superpowers would not be very responsible.

Are you still working on a Lights Out 2?

Yeah, we’re looking into that but it’s sort of on the back burner for now. Lights Out is still very close to us so we’ll see what we can do with that. We’ve been toying around with some ideas of what the sequel would be.

I’m sure you’re waiting until April 5 to be sure but would your ideal plan be to do another Shazam! or something else in between?

I don’t know. Maybe something in between, maybe make another smaller movie perhaps. We’ll see how things develop. Right now, I’m just focused on getting this out there and then maybe taking a little time off just to rest up. It’s been two years of Shazam!

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