Here on /Film, interest in the sequel to Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight was so high, we began covering it when the previous film was still in theaters. For years, crazy rumors would pop up on a weekly basis and once the film was titled The Dark Knight Rises and casting began, the rumors got even more wild. This site alone has run almost 600 articles on the project.

Now that the film is out, there’s much to discuss. You can debate the merits of the film, find issues with its narrative, or look back at all of the rumors and see just how accurate everything was. Below, we’ve broken down several of the bigger rumors and dissected which were true (more than you’d think), which were false (less than you’d think) and try to gauge just how well you can trust internet speculation with a huge movie like The Dark Knight Rises.

Everything below the jump should be considered MASSIVE SPOILERS. Like, “give away the last shot of the movie” type spoilers. So beware until you’ve seen the film.

Here are ten rumors that the Internet spewed out in regards to The Dark Knight Rises.

1. Batman/Bruce Wayne Dies

  • Verdict: True, Kind of.
  • Original Rumor: November 23, 2010. Batman and Bruce Wayne will die so that no one can continue Christopher Nolan’s trilogy.
  • Film Reality: This is a bit unclear but here’s what we discern. Batman takes the nuke out to sea and, though we don’t see him do so, he ejects early and lets The Bat finish the job on auto pilot. The public seems to think Batman died in the blast (they immortalize him with a statue) and, for some reason, the public also believes Bruce Wayne is dead. (We see his grave, his assets are given away.) Near the end, though, these things are flipped on their heads in that Bruce Wayne is seemingly still alive, and dating Selina Kyle, and Batman will return, as Commissioner Gordon has remade the bat signal. So they’re dead, but not really.
  • Judgement: While the public’s ignorance at Bruce Wayne and Batman both “dying” simultaneously is a tough pill to swallow, Nolan’s choice to semi-kill the character is a solid, satisfying ending.

2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Robin

  • Verdict: True
  • Original Rumor: February 6, 2011. Joseph Gordon-Levitt would team up with Batman to fight crime. A specifically styled “R” in the trailer suggested as much.
  • Film Reality: When Gordon-Levitt’s character was revealed to be named John Blake, everyone put this rumor to rest. But in the film’s final moments, it’s revealed that his given name is “Robin.” However, that doesn’t mean he’ll rise to become Robin. In fact, since Gordon remade the bat signal, and thinking back to the earlier scenes where Bruce Wayne said Batman could be anyone and Gordon said Batman saved the city, it seems like Blake will don the cape and cowl, not the R.
  • Judgement: Nolan and Bale said for a long time that Robin would not appear in the film, and he wasn’t lying. But the fact that Blake’s name is Robin both is a nod to the fans, and a huge flag to the crowd signaling what happens next. I dug how it was handled.

3. Bane Breaks Batman’s Back

  • Verdict: True
  • Original Rumor: January 19, 2011. When Bane was revealed to be the main villain, we assumed he’d perform serve his most famous function, which is breaking the back of Batman. Early trailers showing Wayne with a cane added fuel to the fire.
  • Film Reality: We never quite learn why Bruce Wayne has the cane, but it’s not because of Bane. Instead, Wayne is healed and the second time he goes back out as Batman, he confronts Bane. At that point he is indeed dropped across Bane’s knee, breaking his back.
  • Judgement: In the comics, this was a massive, massive event. In the film, it’s pretty much an after-thought. The only reason we even know it happens is because a prisoner tells Wayne his back is all messed up. Also, a broken back takes years to heal. This only takes a few months. So, while it’s nice Nolan included it, the sentiment is wasted.

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