4. Marion Cotillard is Talia Al Ghul

  • Verdict: True
  • Original Rumor: March 2, 2011. Marion Cotillard was cast as Talia Al Ghul, the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, love interest to Bruce Wayne and new leader of the League of Shadows.
  • Film Reality: The rumor is almost exactly how it plays out in the film, but Cotillard flat out lied on numerous occasions when faced with questions about her character. The turn is one of the film’s biggest reveals so her deceit makes sense but, even so, it feels like an afterthought. She might have been the brains behind the entire villain operation, but we never really see that.
  • Judgement: It’s nice to see Talia in the film, but it would have been nicer for her to torture Bruce with more screen time .

5. Liam Neeson Returns

  • Verdict: True
  • Original Rumor: April 8, 2011. Liam Neeson returns as Ra’s al Ghul, his character from Batman Begins, despite his apparent death in the first film.
  • Film Reality: Neeson does, indeed, return in the movie, but mostly just as one of Bruce Wayne’s hallucinations. There’s also a quick shot later of him when we learn about the link between R’as, Talia and Bane. Also, actor Josh Pence plays a younger version of the character.
  • Judgement: Since Neeson died in the first film (twice, sorta) I’m glad he didn’t come back to life. However, his presence was powerful and helped give the rage of Talia and Bane a little more context.

6. Cillian Murphy Returns

  • Verdict: True
  • Original Rumor: October 17, 2011. Since Scarecrow has, somehow, survived both previous Nolan Batman films, it was rumored he’d return. Later, the rumor got more specific saying he’d be a judge.
  • Film Reality: This one was 100% on the money. Murphy’s character, Dr. Crane, is a judge for Bane sentencing people to “exile or death.” A small, but fun role for fans.
  • Judgement: It was great to see Murphy’s character back. His resiliency is one of the better throughlines in the Batman films.

7. Bane’s Voice Has Been Fixed

  • Verdict: Likely true
  • Original Rumor: December 20, 2011. Warner Bros. attached the first six minutes of the film (the plane heist) to IMAX prints of Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. While many people talked about how great it looked, more people talked about how inaudible Bane was. A story was released suggesting Bane’s voice was altered soon after that footage hit, but Warner Bros. denied it. During current press for the film, Nolan cops to minor changes.
  • Film Reality: Bane sounds 100% better than he did in that very early stage late last year. Still, you can only understand about 90% of what he says and some of that is context too.
  • Judgement: The fact that Bane’s voice is discernible at all means it’s an improvement, true or not.

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