Diversification of the Characters

The comics have done a great job of diversifying the cast of characters of the Marvel Universe. Over the last decade we’ve seen the introduction of a black Spider-Man, a female Thor, a Muslim teenage Ms. Marvel, and a black Captain America. And if you asked me five years ago if a movie studio would hand over a major superhero franchise to someone other than a white male, I would have (sadly) been skeptical.

Hollywood is notorious for whitewashing and still is. But the last few years have taken major advancements in this area. While it was once assumed that people of color couldn’t top a major franchise, we now live in a world where a new Star Wars movie was released with a very diverse cast and one of Universal’s top-grossing franchise’s (The Fast and Furious movies) is proof that people want to see characters that more accurately represent the look of the real world.

And the last eight years have seen a huge change in how Hollywood approaches female roles. It was once believed that a woman couldn’t shoulder a big action series and sell tickets, but oh how things have changed so quickly. It now seems like every studio in Hollywood is trying to get a piece of the action. Not only does Star Wars have a female lead, but Ghostbusters has an all female cast and this is just the beginning.

Riri Williams as iron man

But Will Riri Williams Replace Tony Stark as Iron Man in the Movies?

Could I see Marvel Studios adapting this storyline? Possibly.

Again, it would need to be a really good story (this is yet to be seen) and it would need to really connect with fans (also a TBD). And let’s not be cynical, it’s not all about capitalizing on audience trends — Marvel and Disney want to tell new and interesting stories. But we still haven’t seen the Miles Morales version of Spider-Man or the female Thor, or a Muslim Ms. Marvel on the big screen yet. And who knows if we will see them any time soon.

I am convinced of one thing: we will see a new Iron Man in the movies within the next decade, if not the next 5 years. Its just a matter of who, what, where and how. Who do you think might replace Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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