TMNT art show

Gallery Nucleus opened their Heroes In A Half Shell: A TMNT Art Tribute Exhibition over the weekend which features a ton of great Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles original art and prints by over 30 artists. The show runs until August 3rd, 2014 if you want to visit the gallery in Alhambra California, which also has a display of character, background, storyboards, and other development art by the creatives behind the new TMNT series. Or you can purchase some of the available art online now. Hit the jump to see some of my favorite art from the TMNT art show.

My Favorite Pieces From the TMNT Art Show

Mike Bear

Mike Bear TMNT

Minjue Helen Chen

Minjue Helen Chen TMNT

Owen Davey

Owen Davey

Nicole Gustafsson

Nicole Gustafsson TMNT

Irineo Maramba Jr.

Irineo Maramba Jr. TMNT

Jim Mahfood

Jim Mahfood TMNT

Jeffry Mazon

Jeffry Mazon TMNT

Felipe Smith

Felipe Smith TMNT

Jackson Sze

Jackson Sze TMNT

scott c

scott c TMNT

scott c TMNT

Purchase some of the TMNT art online now at

The Exhibiting Artists include:

Adam Lucas
Anthony Wu
Babs Tarr
Brianne Drouhard
Corey lewis
Crowded Teeth
Dan Duncan
Dan Matutina
Felipe Smith
felt mistress (Louise Evans)
Helen Chen
Ian Abando
Irineo Maramba
Jack Rossi
Jackson Sze
Jake Wyatt
James Harvey
Jed Henry
Jeff Victor
Jeffry Mazon
Jermaine Jose
Jessica Zammit
Jim Mahfood
JJ Conway
Jose Garibaldi
Kyle Fewell
Leslie Hung
Liam brazier
Marco Nelor
Maxime Mary
Mayumi Nose
Micah Gunnell
Michael Chang
Miho Tomimasu
Mike Bear
Miki Brewster
Mindy Lee
Nadia Vurbenova Mouri
Natalie Hall
Nicole Gustafsson
Owen Davey
Patrick Awa
Richie Pope
Rie Koga
Rustam Hasanov
Ryan Lang
Sachin Teng
Scott C

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