Evolutions the Art of Jeff Victor

We’ve been fans of artist and illustrator Jeff Victor for a long time here at /Film. We’ve especially enjoyed his “Pop Culture Evolutions” series, an illustrated timeline of famous pop culture characters as they change through the years. Now he’s compiling his most recent work into a new book called Evolutions: The Art of Jeff Victor, and he’s turning to Kickstarter to fund it. Check out his video pitch below, and find out what kinds of rewards you can get for helping to make the book a reality.

Evolutions: The Art of Jeff Victor

Jeff Victor is a professional illustrator who has worked for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Warner Bros. Animation, Universal Studios Hollywood, Nickelodeon Games, and more. We’ve featured his work on the site many times in the past, including highlighting two of his previous books, Adorkable and Ultimate Pop Culture Evolution. On this new book’s Kickstarter page, he explains that this “is a collection of my Evolutions drawn over the last few years, never before seen in print. The book also features tons of brand new artwork, never before posted on social media.”

As of the time of this writing, he’s already met his initial goal of $9,000, but as he says in the video, “Keep an eye out for those stretch goals, too, because the better this campaign does, the more free stuff you’ll get.” Here’s his update on the official site:

We did it!! Wow, thank you guys so, so much for all your support! I am so excited and flattered to have gotten funded so quickly. There are several exciting stretch goals that I hope to unlock to upgrade the book as well as give you exclusive limited edition goodies. I’ll keep promoting this campaign, because I’d love to keep adding to the book!

Thank you again for your pledge. I can’t wait to get these books in your hands!! Jeff

The reward tiers range from $10 for a digital copy of the book all the way up to $1000 for a signed hardcover edition of the book that comes with an interior sketch, fifteen 8″x10″ Evolution prints, and – here’s the really cool part – a custom six-character Evolution piece of your choice. (And at that tier, it doesn’t even have to be a pop culture character. Victor can create an Evolution of you, your significant other, or anyone you know.)

To further familiarize yourself with his work, check out a few of his Star Wars-themed Evolutions on his Instagram below.

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The Evolution of Lando Calrissian! I’m so excited to see Billy Dee Williams return to the Star Wars universe to reprise his role as Lando, the coolest dude in the galaxy! Pictured here: Donald Glover as young Lando, Lando as he appeared on Rebels, and Lando in Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and Rise of Skywalker! ?Warning: This is a no spoiler zone. If you post spoilers for the new movie anywhere on my IG, I will delete your comment immediately and block you from my page. No warning, no mercy. Sorry to be so harsh but a few months ago some folks thought it would be funny to ruin Endgame for me and I really didn’t appreciate it. That said, I’m so excited to see Episode 9, and I hope it brings the series to a rousing finish! #starwars #episode9 #riseofskywalker #nospoilers #lando #landocalrissian #billydeewilliams #lobot #starwarsrebels #chopper #niennunb #porgs #fanart #evolution #timeline #movie #film #cartoon #cute #jeffvictorart

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Presenting the Evolution Of the Mandalorians! Wearing arguably the greatest helmet in movie history, Boba Fett captured our imaginations with his debut, and now there is a new show that will explore the Mandalorian culture even more coming later this year. Are you guys excited to see it? Who is your favorite character wearing the Mandalorian armor? (Pictured here are Jango Fett, Pre Visla, Sabine, Boba first appearance, Boba Fett, and the Mandalorian from the new show.) I'm so excited to see what @jonfavreau, @pascalispunk, and @ginajcarano have in store for us! #bobafett #starwars #jangofett #clonewars #starwarsrebels #themandalorian #disneyplus #galaxysedge #previsla #evolutions #pop #timeline @instadaniellogan #jeremybulloch #kennerstarwars

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