Jurassic World water dinosaur possibly a Spinosaurus

Peter Sciretta: Throughout this whole process I’ve been talking to you about the fan reaction from the development to the leaks to, you know, everything. So I feel like being here I have to ask you, there’s like this fan reaction to the trailers and not so much the Joss Whedon tweet, but the reaction to the early C.G. in the trailers and how…

Colin Trevorrow: The movie looked shitty. And, you know, to me that process going through I was reacting to it as a fan as well. And I think, I’m sure when you saw it, probably the first thing that occurred to you, however you felt about the movie is this is not the movie that was in the trailers.

Peter Sciretta: Yeah.

Colin Trevorrow: At all. I knew that the whole time. And I thought, I had to take a certain amount of hits, a certain amount of bullets for this movie. Because I knew based on the ideas that we were allowing out there that you have Chris Pratt with his raptor buddies. You don’t know the dynamics of how that changes. And how those allegiances and alliances change over the course of the movie. And I reached an interesting point and this is certainly since the last time we spoke where I started to embrace the lowered expectations that had been brought about by the trailers. And but only for a certain part of the audience were these lowered expectations. And I would actually argue that what marketing has done for a vast majority of the audience in this country and around the world has actually been really effective. For people who love movies and people who really care about cinema and think about it and write about it like you, I think that they presented a movie that looked like it was gonna be a giant hunk of shit. And it isn’t. And so to me, as many of the surprises were taken away from me, I started to cling to this idea that the surprise of the movie is that it’s good.

Peter Sciretta: By the way, I loved the film. Just so you know, Not that that matters.

Colin Trevorrow: Thank you. It does matter. What are you talking about, man? /Film is a big site and your opinion matters a lot.

derek connolly jurassic world

Peter Sciretta: Thanks. I wanna get away from Jurassic World for a second and talk about you and Derek [Connolly]. And your relationship. I read that it started off in an interesting place. How did you and Derek meet?

Colin Trevorrow: We met, we were both at N.Y.U. and we were both interns on Saturday Night Live. And simultaneously, you know, I didn’t see him as much at S.N.L., ’cause he was in a different department than I was. But we–

SNL Documentary trailer

Peter Sciretta: What were you doing there?

Colin Trevorrow:  I was in the talent department. So I would like if somebody would come in, I would if it was like a guest, I would make sure that they were happy. I remember having to kind of hang out with Gary Coleman for a day. I remember Quentin Tarantino telling me to go back to his hotel room and get his notebook and in his notebook were all the notes for Kill Bill. And I knew it and I didn’t look at them, ’cause I had, you know, great honor amongst thieves, you know. And Derek was in the film unit that would go out and do the interstitial film stuff. And he and I were in a comedy writing class together that was written, it was taught by a guy who wrote on Herman’s Head. I remember that very specifically. And we would just crack each other up. And I would do the voices for his sketches. And we made each other laugh. And over time we recognized that, you know, he and I have very different skill sets. Completely different. And he has an ability to if I give him a scene and say this is what needs to happen in this scene, his version of that scene will be unlike anything anyone’s going to write. And, I mean, it’ll feel like Jurassic World does. You know, a lot of that dialogue is Derek Connolly. In the end, we end up writing about 50/50 from a dialogue standpoint. But all the stuff you love is his. And that relationship is one that has grown richer with time and will continue to evolve and grow. I get very reflective when I talk about Derek. It’s a relationship that means more and more to me as the years go by. And I realize how valuable it is. And I’m so proud of what we’ve done here.

Jurassic Park gate

Peter Sciretta: I think it’s interesting also that, a lot of people made a big thing of you being a newcomer coming to Jurassic World. But you not only are you handed the keys to the kingdom, but you were able to get Derek to come along with you. How did that happen?

Colin Trevorrow: Well because he wrote Safety Not Guaranteed and he won awards for doing so, and he then had gone off to Pixar and was writing at Pixar on a movie, he was probably less of an unproven entity than I was to a certain extent. And yeah, you know, I kind of, I came in pretty hot on this one. And I said, I felt very confident that I knew how to make this dinosaur movie in the same, and I think I said this to you before, like if someone asked you, make a Jurassic Park movie. Yeah, I’ll make you a Jurassic Park movie. Don’t you worry about that. And so I had that kind of like very childlike confidence. And there was like I swear, like I remember calling him and it was like we were just such nerds. Like Derek, I’m putting together a very special team and we’re gonna go in and we’re gonna write this thing. And we did. And we tackled it with such aggression. It was like just hungry animals, we were thrown a steak. [MAKES NOISES] And just like tore it apart. And, you know, and this is what you get.

believed scientificly accurate  art of a T-rex with feathers (not from Jurassic World)

Scientificly accurate art concept of a T-rex with feathers (not from Jurassic World)

Peter Sciretta: The other thing I wanted to talk to you about, there’s a lot of people criticizing the film because the dinosaurs do not have feathers and you address a lot of that kind of stuff surprisingly.

Colin Trevorrow: Well you know what, man, I was doing that, that was always there. I was doing that the whole time. That’s been in the script from day one. And so that’s what it was actually, it was very difficult for me. But to hear those sentiments again and again and again and know like bro, I got you. I got your back. And don’t worry about it. And yet I couldn’t go out and say any of that. And so it was a real exercise in patience and restraint for me to know like we are going to make this part of the audience I think we’re gonna make them very happy. And yet I had to hold and I had to wait until this moment right now.

star wars

Peter Sciretta: One last question. This is maybe a little digging of a question, but you got involved in this property because they wanted Brad [Bird] to do Star Wars and he suggested you as his guy to like–

Colin Trevorrow: You guys finally broke that story.

Peter Sciretta: Yeah, that, Frank [Marshall] told us that story.

Colin Trevorrow:  Right.

Peter Sciretta: I was wondering now that this is over and you’re done directing Jurassic World, would you ever like to direct a Star Wars film?

Colin Trevorrow:  Yeah, I can’t say no to that idea. Look, I think you’d know I was lying if I said I would never ever do a Star Wars film. I could tell you absolutely, 100 percent for sure I’m not doing or involved in the Boba Fett one. And I’m sure they’ll find a great filmmaker to do it. And I’m so impressed with the choices they have made. And I think specifically Rian Johnson is such an awesome filmmaker. And I’m so excited to see what he does.

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