Peter: And you mentioned at the premiere last night that Spielberg would be giddy seeing the concept art that JA was producing?  Can you talk about that a little bit?

Colin: There’s just an energy that erupts in him when he sees something new.  And look, as you’re saying before like what we’re doing here is new.  And some people might like it.  Some people might not.  But the ideas in the film, the identity of the girl, the way that we take it, the question that we’re asking and then also just the visuals that Bayona was able to bring up, he would just get fired up about it ’cause he’s a creative person and way deep down he just wants to be entertained.  

Peter: Well it seems like the idea of weaponized dinosaurs and genetically modified things came from ideas Spielberg was working on with that original 4 draft.  How much did that influence where you…?

Colin: That’s definitely, that vein of it is Steven’s vein.  In all of this storytelling and so our relationship when it comes to that has been about me listening and trusting that Steven has had a million amazing ideas over time and tried to find a way to present it and translate it to the world visually and from a story standpoint in a way that I feel is grounded in the way that we’re telling the rest of the story.  For example, in the first film as opposed to having you can militarized Raptors in two ways.  You can have them jump out of a helicopter with parachutes and take out a drug dealer.  Which was in one early script.  Or you can dial that all the way back to the very first moment that someone realized that they might follow an order.  That’s what we did.  And so in this film similarly just kind of dialling it back to a place that feels like it could exist in our world.  And we are not, I don’t wanna say jumping the shark.  That feels like too direct a reference.  

jurassic world 2

Peter: Yeah.  Could you talk a little bit about Maisie and the reveal in this film?  Because it’s very interesting and I didn’t see it coming.  

Colin: I am so like my I’m so worried that it’s too telegraphed over the course of the movie.  Like that balance–

Peter: I didn’t even get it when I saw the first photo.

Colin: Oh cool. But you get it when you find out, well that’s what we’ve, that scene at the end is just to make sure that people who hadn’t gotten it, ’cause it is and it isn’t said clearly.  But I think when you see how many different moments, that book and the picture and did she look like me?  All those moments, it is layered in so that when you finally discover it, it can be a surprise without like making you throw your popcorn out and walk out of the theater.   I get super fired up about giant turns like that.  I think it’s clear by now.  Like I just, I really do.  Like I think that audiences are in this moment both culturally in America where we are used to things happening every day that are like shocking turns.  That we’re just becoming desensitized to.  And I’m really into reflecting that in storytelling.  And this is one of those moments.  It wouldn’t shock me if something like that were to be revealed.  I just heard a couple months ago that Barbara Streisand cloned her dog.  We’re not that far off.

Peter: Does that come out of like we need someone to press that button?  

Colin: No.  It was the other way around.  It’s that we’re gonna have this character and now who would press that button?  Out of this group.  It wasn’t reverse engineered.  But it is an impossible decision who would make it?  A child.  Who is able to see things not in a simple way, but in a very pure that sense of right and wrong that only children have that adults kind of get muddled and mired over time, which is another theme of a lot of films I’ve made.  The simplicity of childhood mortality.

B.D. Wong jurassic park

Peter: Yeah.  Since you’re hinting that the next film might go global or you’re not hinting, you said that.  Is there a chance that we might need some other characters to come back?  Like Grant and Sadler?  

Colin: There is I am so interested in that I can’t tell you.  I…  With all of these characters, I have such respect for them and I’m very careful.  Maybe I’ve been too cautious if anything.  And I brought them back in in ways that have only felt absolutely organic to the story that we’re telling.  But I do think that we may have earned the opportunity to engage them a little more.  That’s all I’ll say.  But yeah, I don’t just trot them out to make a buck.  I respect them so much.  

Peter: It would have felt weird if Malcolm was along for this journey.

Colin: I wouldn’t have bought it.

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