Christopher’s Top 10 Trailers of 2014

3. Boyhood Trailer

Damn. This may have landed on every single critical list as a fantastic piece of cinema but it worked well before that in the shape of this trailer. It definitely has the hook of being a film that carefully follows the life of this boy into young adulthood but the trailer focuses on the things that kids experience as they evolve into the monsters that they become later in life. It’s not maudlin or too saccharine sweet for its own good, it’s just honest in giving us this kid’s truth. I don’t know why it’s able to evoke a sense of sadness every damn time I watch it but that’s the power of seeing someone evolve and having to shape this very long process into a bite sized format that we all can understand. How do you compress 12 years into one minute and forty-five seconds and make it more compelling than the most earnest of all earnest love letters? This is how you do it.

2. Interstellar Trailer #2

God almighty is this one powerful piece of persuasion in an effort to go after your wallet. The blend of music, drama, cinematography, and voice-over coalesces into this moving mosaic of marketing. Having seen the film and knowing what I do now, this trailer masterfully is able to take what is a fairly complex story and distill one of the most salient points this movie makes into something wonderful, genuinely heartbreaking. I am amazed every single time that I watch it because it blends the score, the acting, and an obfuscated plot into something transcendent. While being a parent is not a prerequisite for digging into the main themes of the story, being one certainly amplifies the emotional gut punches that this specific trailer delivers. It simply did not get any better for a dramatic work than this did in 2014.

1. Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer

I wasn’t expecting much of anything, really. When I sat through the introduction of this movie at Comic-Con this year I thought this just had to be yet another half-assed attempt to try and sup any remaining lifeforce from a property long since (almost) forgotten. And then I saw the footage. After I tried to wrap my mind around what I saw I thought there was no way they would sell this movie like they did in San Diego to a mass audience. And the trailer hit a few weeks ago. This knows what it is, what it aspires to be in the hearts and minds of those who would gladly buy a ticket today and be completely comfortable in not giving you an inch of sanity upon which to hang any sanctimonious opinions about what you think this is. It’s a ride that will not relent and it’s selling a reality that I hope comes true: where the world has no meaning and the people just as insane and relentless. Big, bad, loud, and ferocious. I’m buying based on the implicit promise here for something unlike we truly haven’t seen in a while at the multiplex.

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