15 Things We Learned About Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan

In preparation for each film, Nolan spends a week or two “bashing out a little précis, on the same typewriter his father gave him when he was 21.” (It appears as a prop in Following.) The précis is to “represent the feeling he wants to elicit, the texture of the fable. He keeps it in a file and returns to it from time to time to make sure he hasn’t lost touch with his original idea.”

Nolan's Following

His first film, Following, was shot on a tiny budget of only $6,000 shooting around 15 minutes of footage each Saturday over the course of a year.

Christopher Nolan Insomnia

Nolan was interested in making the Insomnia remake but couldn’t get a meeting at Warner Bros. His agent called Steven Soderbergh, who had been an early fan of Memento. He “walked across the lot and said to the head of production, ‘You’re insane if you don’t meet with this guy.’” Soderbergh has an executive producer credit on the film, alongside George Clooney.

Christopher Nolan

Nolan writes his scripts to fit the production methods he’ll use. His films are very close to what was originally pitched to his backers, and are delivered ahead of schedule and under budget.  Paramount and Warner Bros were prepared to spend close to $200 million to make Insterstellar but “Nolan responded that he didn’t need that much money, despite the picture’s extensive use of digital and physical effects to create robots, dust storms, and mile-high waves.”

Christopher Nolan

Nolan does not like anything leaked, even when he’s addressing something most of the audience found to be a big issue. According to WSJ, Nolan called for an emergency meeting just after the holidays ended in 2012 and demanded that Warner Bros executives “find and punish the person who had talked” to a news site about his plans to alter the sound mix on The Dark Knight Rises after audiences couldn’t understand Tom Hardy’s Bane performance in the IMAX opening screen preview.

The executives, who had already traded frantic phone calls while the studio was closed between Christmas and New Year’s, concluded it would be impossible to find the source. It took weeks until the issue was resolved with Mr. Nolan and his wife and producing partner, Emma Thomas, recalled the knowledgeable people.

Wow, I wonder how he reacted when the ending twists of The Dark Knight Rises was leaked online during production of the threequel.

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