Pixels movie preview

What do you think people are gonna be most surprised about with Pixels?

I think they are truly going to be blown away by the visual effects. The reason I wanted to do this particular movie and do another visual effects movie… I wasn’t at first interested in doing visual effects again at this point. But when I read the script, I realized we can create something that the audience hasn’t seen before. Usually visual effects even in the movies I’ve done, all the movies I’ve done, all the summer movies are based on some version of a reality, whether it’s a creature like a dinosaur that has realistic skin movement or a robot. These are based on ’80s videogames, so how do you bring them to life in the same way that Patrick John did? But also make them work on a gigantic IMAX screen? So they’re lit from within. They’re voxelized. Pac Man is at equal times charming, funny and dangerous. And edgy. And I was intrigued by this idea that I had when Pac Man bites and you can see it obviously in the trailer, when he bites through your arm or he bites through a school bus or a fire engine or a building, that part of the building isn’t normally, it’s not destroyed like you would see in a normal film. It pixelates, it voxelates. Cubes fall everywhere. They light and then they lose energy. And I got into that those visual effects very deeply. More deeply than I ever have been involved in any visual effects in any film. And I wanted them to look completely original and new.

It’s really cool looking. Were there any like guidelines for what defines the era of videogames you were gonna tackle in this? Like is Mario too far down the timeline or–?

Not with specific games, but the set pieces. The videogames that are the set pieces did exist in ’82. Some of the games, there are a couple of videogames, I don’t wanna spoil it for anybody, they have cameos. That maybe were either a little late, you know, [ones that] might have been a little later. But we assume that the Earth has been sending time capsules up into outer space and the aliens have seen all of the time capsules of videogames.


There’s a Gremlins reboot coming. Are you involved? How is that going?

I am involved. Initially I remember back in ’84-’85 when they approached me and said, do you wanna write the sequel and I said, this is before the obsession with franchises. So my feeling was no. I, we’ve told the story. I mean, that was that’s 1980’s thinking. And then suddenly all these years later, we were approached with an idea that really sounded like an interesting version. It’s not a remake of the movie at all. It’s a, it’s just a reinvention of it.

What’s the idea?

I can’t talk about it. I wish I could.

Does it have any of the same characters or…?

Maybe. I mean, one thing I learned from the Star Wars trailer is that and I actually, we knew this all along and J.J.’s been doing it and really doing it effectively, beautifully is touching into that emotional connection we have with our past. And he did it with Star Trek, just by casting Leonard Nimoy in that role in that movie. And really being having that connection. So when I saw the Star Wars trailer and seeing Chewie and Han Solo at the end of the trailer, I was, it was emotional.

It’s so great.

And that’s what everybody wanted for the past 30 years. We had wanted that. So for me, I would wanna get involved if we could create some sort of emotional connection even though it’s a new story.

Rocky and Creed

[As Peter packs up his gear] And I just saw some footage from Creed, the Rocky spin-off movie yesterday.

How does that look?

I mention it because its the same kind of thing. It’s its own story, but Rocky’s in it and it has an emotional tie to the original films.

One of my favorites. Ryan Coogler’s awesome. Fruitvale Station was amazing.

It looks pretty cool. Anyways, nice seeing you.

Nice seeing you.

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