the eddy trailer

You may already know this, but Damien Chazelle is a big fan of jazz. His movies Whiplash and La La Land are chock-full of jazz, baby, and he’s not ashamed to keep those sweet, sweet jazz tunes swinging into his next project – The Eddy. The Netflix series was created by Chazelle, who also directs some episodes, and follows a once-celebrated jazz pianist played by André Holland who owns a struggling jazz club in Paris. Watch The Eddy trailer below.

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candyman trailer

Someone must’ve gone ahead and said his name five times in front of a mirror, because Candyman is back. The horror classic, based on a short story by Clive Barker and directed in 1992 by Bernard Rose, gets a modern-day update courtesy of director Nia DaCosta, and producer and co-writer Jordan Peele. This is no mere remake, but a continuation of that film that also reboots and recontextualizes the tale. Watch the first Candyman trailer below.

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The Letter for the King trailer

Dutch author Tonke Dragt‘s beloved 1960s fantasy novel De brief voor de Koning, AKA The Letter for the King, has already been adapted into a movie, but now it’s heading to Netflix as a six-episode streaming series. Between this and The Witcher, Netflix is sparing no expense when it comes to feeding fantasy fans’ appetites while they wait for HBO’s Game of Thrones spin-offs. This thing looks like it cost more than Ozark, GLOW, and American Vandal put together. Check out the new trailer below. Read More »

quibi trailer

Quibi is amping up its promotion as we near the April launch of the mobile streaming platform. While it’s still uncertain whether the experiment behind this forthcoming streaming service — which offers its titles in “bite-sized” episodes that run 8-1o minutes long — will work, but Quibi certainly has enough high-profile creators and stars to cut together a catchy trailer for its platform. Watch the Quibi trailer below.

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roma documentary

Netflix is weird about promoting some things. For instance: Did you know they’ve added a making-of documentary about Roma – the same documentary that’s included with the recent Criterion Collection release of the film? It’s true! But the streaming service, as is their style, has been shy about letting people know. That’s why we’re here, folks – to inform you. You’re welcome.

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ugly delicious season 2 trailer

Delicious food and Danny McBride – what more could you ask for from the second season of Ugly Delicious? James Beard Award-winning chef David Chang and Oscar-winning director Morgan Neville (Won’t You Be My Neighbor?) return to serve more yummy goodness in the Ugly Delicious season 2 trailer, which sees Chang expanding his borders and expanding his rotation of celebrity guests who accompany with him on his food adventures. Watch the Ugly Delicious season 2 trailer below.

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Marc Maron End Times Fun Trailer

Marc Maron brings his own brand of “everything is terrible” comedy to his latest stand-up special, Marc Maron: End Times Fun. As you can probably surmise from the title, Maron is going to be touching on the doom and gloom of our current era, where everything constantly feels like it’s on fire and/or underwater. That may not sound like a recipe for comedy, but Maron is a pro, so he’s got this. Watch the Marc Maron: End Times Fun trailer below.

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rumble trailer

You’ve got wrestling movies and you’ve got monster movies, so why not put the two of them together for the best of both worlds? That’s the premise of Rumble, an upcoming animated film from Paramount Animation and WWE Studios, which stars Will Arnett as a monster trying to break into the pro-wrestling world. Watch the Rumble trailer below.

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‘Saint Maud’ Trailer Promises You Holy Hell

saint maud trailer new

Saint Maud is bound to be another polarizing horror film from distributor A24. That’s to say it’s going to be beloved by some while others are going to complain that it doesn’t have any jump scares. I’m in the former category – I caught Rose Glass‘s religious nightmare at Fantastic Fest, and it blew me away. In honor of Ash Wednesday, A24 just put out a new Saint Maud trailer, and while it’s effective, it’s also the type of trailer spoiler-phobes might want to avoid.

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Cool Posts From Around the Web:

self made trailer

How many self-made female millionaires are there in America? And how many of them have had prestigious limited series made about them? Only a handful, at best. But Netflix is adding to that number with Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker. Oscar winner Octavia Spencer stars as the title character of Self Made, a limited series which tells the story of America’s “first self-made female millionaire.” Watch the Self Made trailer below.

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