Blindspotting TV Series Trailer

Blindspotting was one of the acclaimed premieres to come out of the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. Featuring Hamilton star Daveed Diggs in the lead role, the film dealt with some heavy themes, including systemic racism and police brutality, but it did it with some sharp satirical humor and hip-hop musical sequences. The film had a style all its own, and now a Blindspotting TV series will continue in the same vein, but now the main character will be one of the supporting players of the original movie.

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loki poster new

Loki is headed to Disney+ in a few weeks, and while it’s safe to say fans are already excited, they’re bound to be even more excited when they see the new poster. Because this poster introduces us to everyone’s favorite new character, some weird…cartoon…clock…thing? Or maybe it’s a coin? I don’t know, actually. Whatever it is, it’s weird, and I love it. See the Loki poster below.

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the forever purge trailer

The Purge film franchise is coming to an end (for now) with The Forever Purge. This fifth and final entry is set after the Purge has been abolished – but that’s not going to stop a group of people from staging their own Purge. After all, if it did, there wouldn’t be much of a movie. Franchise creator James DeMonaco wrote the script, while Everardo Gout directs. Watch The Forever Purge trailer below.

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1971 Trailer

After winning an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature for their 2015 movie Amy that chronicled the life of the late singer Amy Winehouse, filmmakers Asif Kapadia and James Gay-Rees are heading to the small screen to explore a much more wide-ranging piece of music history.

1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything is an eight-episode documentary series that uses archival footage and interviews to weave a tapestry depicting the collision of politics and music in 1971, and how it impacted artists like Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, and many more. Check out the first trailer below. Read More »

barry jenkins on the black gaze

The “Male Gaze” and the “Female Gaze” have been discussed to death in film circles, but what about the “Black Gaze”? That’s something that even Barry Jenkins, Oscar-winning director of Moonlight and the upcoming Amazon series The Underground Railroad, has rarely been asked about, despite the prevalence of Black talent and Black perspectives in his works. And sensing the dearth in that subject, he decided to explore it himself.

In a 40-minute video featuring The Underground Railroad background actors, Jenkins examines what exactly the “Black Gaze” is, and what it means to him and Black audiences. Watch the video below.

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david lynch music video

It’s been four years since Twin Peaks: The Return went off the air and a whopping 15 years since David Lynch last directed a feature film, but the filmmaker at least has been gracing us with his regular weather reports, and occasionally, a short film. So it’s always a blessing when Lynch unleashes his surreal brand of artistry, even in a five-minute music video. Lynch directed a music video for Donovan‘s 2010 track “I Am the Shaman,” in honor of the Scottish psychedelic folk singer’s 75th birthday. And Lynch has created some psychedelic imagery to match the music. Watch it below.

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Spiral From the Book of Saw Opening Scene

It’s Spiral: From the Book of Saw week, gang, and if you’re not sold on the movie yet, maybe this very gruesome opening scene will do the trick. This is the first official clip that really sells this as a bloody Saw movie, complete with a cringe-inducing trap involving a tongue and a speeding train. In other words, it’s not for the squeamish. Watch the Spiral: From the Book of Saw opening scene below.

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lupin part 2 trailer

The master thief is returning with a vengeance this June. Netflix has released a new Lupin Part 2 trailer announcing the release date for the next five episodes of the hit French caper series. And we’re only going to be posting the one with subtitles because that English dubbed monstrosity is not worth any of our attention. Watch the Lupin Part 2 trailer below.

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stillwater trailer

Matt Damon is unrecognizable in his new movie. Just kidding, he looks like Matt Damon with a beard and a strong Southern drawl, which certainly makes him stick out when wandering the streets of Marseille, France. But Damon is there for a reason, and it’s to exonerate his daughter (Abigail Breslin) who is imprisoned for a murder she claims she didn’t commit. Watch the Stillwater trailer below.

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Lisey's Story Trailer

It’s been a hot second since we’ve had ourselves a new Stephen King adaptation, but thankfully Lisey’s Story is on the way to change that. Based on King’s 2006 novel, this Apple TV+ miniseries stars Julianne Moore as the widow of an author (of course there’s an author character; this is a Stephen King story after all) who finds herself suddenly remembering things she deliberately blocked out of her marriage. On top of that, she’s being pursued by a psycho who wants her dead husband’s unpublished work. And if those things weren’t enough, she’s also able to suddenly enter an alternate dimension. Or is she? Watch the Lisey’s Story trailer below.

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