Twilight Zone reboot canceled

Bright and early this morning, I was awakened by the shouts of a newsie in the streets outside my home, yelling, “Extra! Extra! The Twilight Zone reboot canceled by Paramount+!” I can only assume this happened nationwide, so we’re probably all on the same page there. But in any case, that story is slightly more complicated than that shrill child made it seem. Jordan Peele‘s Monkeypaw and Simon Kinberg‘s Genre Films, the production companies behind the CBS All Access revival of the classic Rod Serling sci-fi show, issued a statement today clarifying that the show was not technically canceled – it actually ended on their own terms.
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Paramount+ TV Shows

This summer, CBS All Access will officially make the switch and become Paramount+. The rebranding will come with more than a name change, as the newly bulked-up streaming platform will also come with a cheaper subscription price. But like all good things, it comes with a catch.

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The Man Who Fell to Earth TV series

In 2019, we learned that CBS All Access was developing a TV adaptation of The Man Who Fell to Earth, based on Walter Tevis’s 1963 novel and Nicolas Roeg’s 1976 sci-fi cult classic film version. That streaming service is being rebranded to Paramount+, but the show is still in the works – and it has now found its star.

Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave, Doctor Strange) will play a new alien character who lands on Earth. That news – especially the latter half of it – is probably music to the ears of people who are especially fond of David Bowie’s performance in the original movie. But while Bowie’s work will undoubtedly loom over this production, at least Ejiofor has room to do his own thing without having to portray that same exact character. Read More »

the stand early buzz

Director Mick Garris adapted Stephen King’s post-apocalyptic tome The Stand into a TV mini-series back in 1994, but now The New Mutants director (and noted King fanatic) Josh Boone has taken a crack at it for CBS All Access. The nine-episode limited series premieres on that platform this week, and we’ve rounded up some early reactions from critics who have seen the first several episodes. Read the highlights below to get a sense of whether this is a show you want to check out during this holiday season. Read More »

the stand images

I am a fan of all things Stephen King, so it gives me no pleasure to tell you that The Stand, the upcoming CBS All Access miniseries based on King’s massive apocalyptic novel, looks kind of blah. To be fair, I haven’t seen it yet, and I am hoping for the best! But every bit of promotional material released in anticipation of the upcoming premiere has been underwhelming. Case in point: new The Stand images arrived today, and they’re either bland or downright silly, depending on which image you’re looking at.

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Armie Hammer in The Offer

Apparently, someone just made Armie Hammer an offer he couldn’t refuse.

That offer: to play producer Al Ruddy in The Offer, an upcoming television series about the making of Francis Ford Coppola’s cinematic classic The Godfather. The show is aiming to be one of the big titles for the streaming service Paramount+, which is soon being rebranded from its current name, CBS All Access. Get more info about Armie Hammer in The Offer below.
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The Stand Ezra Miller

Here’s a surprise: you know that upcoming miniseries adaptation of The Stand? The one that premieres next month? Well, it turns out that Ezra Miller has a part in it, and it’s been kept a secret all this time. Miller is playing The Trashcan Man, a schizophrenic pyromaniac who is drawn towards Randall Flagg, the evil supernatural figure who rises up in the wake of an apocalyptic plague. Matt Frewer played the character in the 1994 miniseries adaptation of the Stephen King novel.

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the stand trailer

It might seem a weird time for CBS All Access to release its TV miniseries adaptation of Stephen King‘s pandemic apocalypse thriller The Stand, but perhaps it will be a form of escape to see a pandemic-stricken Earth become a battleground between good and evil. King’s epic novel is getting a 10-episode miniseries adaptation featuring a star-studded cast that includes James MarsdenAmber HeardGreg KinnearOdessa YoungWhoopi Goldberg. Watch The Stand trailer below.

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Interrogation canceled

*Grabs you by the lapels, slams you down into a chair, shines a bright light in your eyes*

So, where were you on November 4, 2020? At home, huh? A likely story. Got an alibi for that? We got a tip that someone canceled the CBS All Access series Interrogation on that day. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that, would you? No? Well, I guess we’ll see about that. I’m going to go get something to eat from the vending machine – you sit in here for a while and think it over. Read More »

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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 4 Begins Production

star trek discovery season 4

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