superman canceled

Superman canceled? Not quite. DC Comics is canceling the ongoing Superman title in July, but it will be replaced by a new book, Superman: Son of Kal-El. This new comic book series will be led by none other than…you guessed it, Superman’s son.

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Batman and Superman comics

DC Comics is returning to the worlds envisioned by Tim Burton and Richard Donner in two new Batman and Superman comics.

Batman ’89 and Superman ’78 will pick up where those seminal films left off, telling additional stories in those universes, introducing new characters, and continuing with plot threads that were left dangling in the original movies, which were precursors of the superhero-heavy cinematic landscape we’re in today. Get more details about both comics below.
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x-men election

Here in the old U.S. of A., we just came off of one of the most stressful elections in recent memory. It’s enough to make you not want to think about any sort of election ever again. But the folks running the X-Men comics don’t agree, so they’re letting readers vote for the final member of the next X-Men team, representing the nation of Krakoa. What’s Krakoa? I’m glad you asked, reader – it’s a “sentient living island located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean,” and the mutants of the Marvel universe have flocked there to set up their own democracy.

Good for them! In the current comics, a new X-Men team is being assembled and the mutants of Krakoa get to vote on who will join the line-up. And Marvel is letting readers get in on the fun by voting for one final member of the group. Does that imply that the readers are secretly mutants, since they’re taking part in the vote? Maybe! Or maybe I’m reading too much into this.

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high republic trailer

It will still be many months until the next Star Wars movie or TV show comes along, but tomorrow, a new era of Star Wars storytelling begins – for those who are willing to engage with it.

That’s when Lucasfilm launches Star Wars: The High Republic, a cross-platform publishing initiative featuring stories set centuries before the events of the Skywalker Saga, taking place in the pages of books, comics, magazines, and eventually forming the backdrop for at least one Disney+ show. Today, the company unveiled a new trailer and some additional details about what to expect, including the fact that this multi-platform story will play out across three distinct “phases.” Read More »

dracula comic new

Bela Lugosi will rise from the grave to play Dracula once again – in comic book form. Legendary Comics will release a new comic adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula with the Count drawn to resemble Lugosi exactly, with cooperation from the Lugosi family. The adaptation of Stoker’s novel comes from Robert Napton, with art by El Garing and Kerry Gammill serving as art director.

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keanu reevesi comic book

Keanu Reeves has worn many hats in his career: time traveler, assassin, possible real-life vampire. But Reeves’ latest gig may be one of his coolest. Reeves is becoming a real-life comic book writer, penning a comic book series for Boom! Studios with co-writer Matt Kindt. The limited 12-issue comic book series, titled BRZRKR, premieres this October and features a lead character that looks a lot like Reeves.

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Alien and Predator Comics Coming to Marvel

Alien and Predator comics

Two of science fiction’s most iconic franchises have just crash-landed into the roster of Marvel Comics.

Marvel has acquired the rights to Alien and Predator, snatching them from their long-established comic home at Dark Horse and reportedly paving the way for a new line of comic books featuring the extra-terrestrial characters.
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bill and ted comics

Attention, fans of comic book spin-offs: Two big pieces of pop culture entertainment are getting their own comics for your reading pleasure. Stranger Things will continue onto the printed page with Stranger Things Meets Dungeons and Dragons, while the upcoming Bill and Ted Face the Music will be releasing a prequel comic titled Bill & Ted Are Doomed.

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marvel unlimited Black Storytellers

For the rest of the month, Marvel Unlimited has put together a free digital selection of comics from Black writers and artists, including work from Vita Ayala, Roxane Gay, Brian Stelfreeze, Method Man, Charlamagne tha GodTa-Nehisi Coates, and many more, with characters including Black PantherDeathlokIronheartShuri, and others.

Update: You can also get these comics free on Comixology.

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Duncan Jones Graphic Novel

It took nearly a decade for Duncan Jones to create a follow-up to his stellar feature directorial debut, Moon. The quasi-sequel, Mute, landed on Netflix in 2018, but there won’t be another big gap between the second and third entries in his “Mooniverse”: Madi, the third part of this loose trilogy, arrives this November. But unlike the other two projects, Madi won’t be a movie – instead, it’s a graphic novel. In a new interview, Jones explains why a graphic novel is the best medium to tell this particular story, and gives fans a few hints about what to expect when it comes out later this year. Read More »