Cate Blanchett Voyage of Time

Recently, Terrence Malick has been putting out new movies every year or two instead of every decade or so. But that doesn’t mean he’s rushing these newer projects. Case in point: His documentary Voyage of Time has been brewing for several years already, with Brad Pitt revealed as the narrator all the way back in 2009.

Now, as the film inches closer to theaters, Malick’s added another big name to the cast. Cate Blanchett will also lend her voice to the movie, which does nothing less than attempt to cover “the whole of time.” No wonder Pitt needed the help. Hit the jump for the latest details on this long-simmering film.

Screen Daily (via The Playlist) reports that production company Wild Bunch will be showing bits of the film to buyers at Cannes. “It’s the history of humanity from the Big Bang until to today,” explained Wild Bunch co-chief Vincent Maraval.

Although Maraval revealed that Blanchett and Pitt were both on board, he made no mention of Emma Thompson, who was reported as one of the narrators back in 2011. That might be a simple oversight on his part, but knowing Malick it might also mean she’s been excised from the movie completely.

Voyage of Time will be Blanchett’s third time working with Malick. She also shot roles for his two other upcoming films, one untitled and one called Knight of Cups. I say “shot roles for” because with Malick, it’s never a guarantee that a high-profile actor will actually make it into the final cut.

But they obviously enjoyed their time together if they’re reuniting for Voyage of Time. It’ll also be her third movie with Pitt, who starred with her in Babel and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Voyage of Time will arrive in 2016 or so in two forms: a feature-length cut for general theaters, and a 40-minute large-format (IMAX) version.

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