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Question: I was wondering about the team directing things. The idea of team directing has always fascinated me. Where do you, where does one begin the other take over, who do you hand things over to, are there specific things, how does that work?

Ryan Fleck: I just do what Anna says [laughing].

Question: [laughing] Okay. That’s good. At least I would say so in this particular case.

Anna Boden: No, we are not tyrants on set, and we are kind of come at it very much as collaborators and not just with each other but everybody and particularly the actors. We are just so blessed to have so many amazing actors in this movie who are telling the story with us and they’re storytellers and to be able to collaborate with them on set, and hear their input and feel you know you kind of write something you imagine a character you imagine the words in their mouths and then somebody’s living that and somebody’s saying that.  And they come on set and they have those words and they’re changing them, they’re bringing something new to them, they’re bringing life to them and spontaneity to them and like that’s a part of the discovery that we love so much of making a movie, so that had nothing to do with your question. I’m really sorry, I just went off on a complete, tangent but that’s to say that you know, I think working as a team comes naturally though it’s just because we’re collaborative by nature.

Question: You’ve talked a lot about how much you love Captain Marvel. What is it for you guys personally that made you want to tell the story and take on such a massive kind of project?

Ryan Fleck: It was just her voice. It was the humor in her attempts at humor. You know, I think that sometimes she’s funny and sometimes she tries to be funny. And it’s just like nice try at that joke and she doesn’t care she just keeps doing it you know, I love that she’s…

Anna Boden: Able to make fun of herself.

Ryan Fleck: She can make fun of herself and I mean she can take a punch you know she gets hit and she likes to fight, she’s a fighter, born fighter, and she’s just tough.

Anna Boden: The idea of this superhero who’s like one of the most powerful superheroes but like you, she also has this like scrappy personality, this, like dirty, get down and dirty personality.

Ryan Fleck: Scrappy.

Anna Boden: Because she wasn’t always like that. Before she was a superhero, she was a woman in the Air Force you know and in the story that we’re telling, a woman in the Air Force before women were allowed to fly in combat and just that part of her history and who she was and always having to fight and you know that for the… It is just part of who she is. So even when she’s like super powerful and can just blow everybody out of the galaxy she still has that core, that center of just you know having to fight for it.

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Question: Can you talk a little bit about the unconventional structure of the story?

Anna Boden: What about the unconventional structure, I guess like it’s an origin story but we meet her after she’s already superpowered.

Ryan Fleck: Yeah.

Anna Boden: Yeah, that’s been really fun and challenging

Ryan Fleck: The movie has a mystery that it unravels as it goes on so I don’t know what I can say about that. I think it’s just fun, like, you’re learning about the character and her history.

Anna Boden: As she’s learning about herself, yeah.

Ryan Fleck: She knows about it as well.

Question: In that vein, so what we know about the plot is that yeah she starts out as Captain Marvel and she thinks she’s Kree she comes to Earth and has to discover who she is again who she used to be. So I guess my question for you is, who is Carol Danvers in this movie? Who is Captain Marvel?

Anna Boden: Well, I mean, that’s the discovery of the movie. For us, I think what makes it what we love telling about this story is that as a character as a superhero as she becomes more and more in touch with her own humanity. You know, it’s not like she realizes… Thor was a god and was always a god, but it’s as she comes more and more in touch with her humanity is when she becomes her most powerful she would like discover she has that like her own self discovery is where she becomes as powerful as she can be. And it’s a cool story to tell and it’s a cool character to experience that.

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