Captain America Civil War

Were there any scenes that required a lot of rewriting?

McFeely: The airport scene was a lot of drafts.

Markus: Tony’s speech, too. I think we went through a lot of drafts. It became, in the end, very short. It was actually quite…

McFeely: It was at a mall at one point. How are we going to show Howard and Maria organically? That took a lot of time.

Markus: Everything else just came out in a couple of days. [Laughs.]

[Laughs.] Were there any scenes in the first draft you guys just knew you got right?

Markus: I will say that the Spider-Man recruitment was pretty damn close to the first draft.

McFeely: The roundtable?

Markus: No. We rewrote that a lot. The funeral [scene], to a certain extent.

McFeely: Yeah, that was easy.

Markus: We were constantly rewriting everything. The Russos are very into that.

McFeely: And we get paid by the word. So it was no big deal for us. [Laughs.]

[Laughs.] Are there any memorable scenes that come to mind that got cut during the writing process? Are there any deleted scenes you both miss?

McFeely: Nothing that we miss. The brothers pride themselves on shooting only what they need, but shooting the hell out of it.

Markus: I don’t think there’s anything we shot [that we miss]. There was a point where we went all the way with Scott Lang in San Francisco and got to have a little more taste of what his life was like, and it was fun to write for us. But it was unnecessary, so it never made it to the camera.

Can I ask you what was his life like in San Francisco in that scene?

McFeely: No!

Markus: No! We were probably wrong. Because of the nature of when we start making the movie versus when it comes out, as we’re doing for Infinity War, we wrote a lot, if not all, of Scott Lang’s stuff before we ever saw Ant-Man. You just have to roll with that because we need to film.

McFeely: We assume that the Infinity War drafts we turn in shortly are…we’re probably just wrong on some of these voices.

As you guys said, you wanted this story to stand on its own, but there is some foreshadowing, like when Vision mentions wanting to control the Infinity Stone in his head. Is that the only potential setup for Infinity War?

McFeely: That’s the only one.

Markus: That’s the most blatant one I can think of. Yeah, I mean the only thing is just putting them in the bad position so that when Infinity War does happen, they are not going to be a unified front, and they’ll be unprepared for Pearl Harbor.

Probably a total coincidence, but my editor is curious about Spider-Man‘s title, Homecoming, which is one of Winter Soldier’s activation words, funnily enough. Is this completely coincidental? 

McFeely: That’s a coincidence, but boy I wish it wasn’t. [Laughs.]

Markus: Every single word they say to The Winter Soldier will be the title of another film. [Laughs.]

[Laughs.] Thanks for the hot scoop.

Markus: [Laughs.] Including Giant-Man Breaks Up.


Captain America: Civil War is now in theaters.

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