Bruce Willis Will Star in ‘Ten’


Briefly: The mid-budget film Ten got off the ground today, getting around $30m of funding from QED and Norton Herrick so that Patrick Allesandrin (District 13: Ultimatum) can direct Bruce Willis, working from a script by Skip Woods. One interesting point here is that Allesandrin was until just recently set to direct Kane & Lynch, which is also meant to star Willis. Allesandrin walked, and last we heard Willis was still attached to the picture.

With the search for a new director still under way, Willis probably won’t have to worry about Kane & Lynch in the next few months. So, there’s Ten. We don’t have story details, but Deadline calls it a drama. That’s also interesting, given that Skip Woods is the guy with script credits on Swordfish, Hitman, Wolverine and The A-Team. Plenty of writers for big studio fare have their own more treasured scripts that fall outside genre territory. Maybe this is one of those. Ten shoots in December.

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