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The Average

Near-Death Experience – I never would have though the Kate McKinnon character from the Ryan Gosling episode of SNL last year would have ended up recurring, but I was certainly happy to see it happen. This one wasn’t quite as funny as the first iteration, but it’s funny to see that Bobby Moynihan and Aidy Bryant still have trouble keeping a straight face, and even Kate McKinnon almost breaks, which is an extreme rarity. Here’s hoping they do it again but make it a bit better.

Church Lady – While it was cool to see Dana Carvey back as this famous SNL character for the first time in over five years, it just didn’t quite work as well. Even the applause break for “Isn’t that special?” felt forced. The mockery of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump by this particular character felt appropriate, but also easy. But at the very least, this was better than the usual political sketches used in the cold open.

Hologram Album – When this first started, I was excited to see where this concept went. But it turned out just to be a showcase of impressions. While I like the idea of old, famous singers taking on modern hits in this way, it just felt like something was missing. The highlight was undoubtedly Taran Killam as Roy Orbison and Jay Pharoah as Tupac Shakur.

The Worst

Baby Shower – We all knew where this was going as soon as the haircut was mentioned. The listing of common things that everyone’s mothers do was pretty funny, but that’s about all there was to this sketch. It was cool seeing all the female cast members rounded up for this one, but I just wish there was something more to it.

Kickstarter – Whenever Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett get together for a short like this, it’s hit or miss. Sadly, even though the Chris Fitzpatrick school president campaign video from 2014 is one that I loved, the character’s return with this Kickstarter feels a little too over-the-top to work as well. Though I will say that Beck Bennett’s character in this video is outstanding.

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