Bodily Fluid Scenes in Movies

(Welcome to The Best Movies You’ve Never Seen, a series that takes a look at slightly more obscure, under-the-radar, or simply under-appreciated movies. This week we get a little gross.)

Bodily fluids. Mention the term to someone and you’ll get a variety of responses as their thoughts move between the biological and the sexual, but the shared reaction on all of their faces will most likely be a slight cringe. Bodily fluids. It’s gross! And that’s precisely why movies will occasionally go overboard with a bodily fluid visual as it’s guaranteed to earn a reaction.

Think the blood in Dead Alive (1992), the vomit in The Meaning of Life (1983), the – stuff – in Happiness (1998), or the sweat in Airplane! (1980), and you’ll see what I’m talking about. But what happens when you’ve already seen these movies and are still craving more of the on-screen bodily fluids? Well lucky for you this week’s column is here to plug that hole.

So with an apology in advance for what you’re about to endure, please keep reading for a look at the best movies you’ve never seen featuring bonkers bodily fluid scenes! (Seriously, there’s some pretty gross stuff below and this is your final warning.)

A Lonely Cow Weeps at Dawn (2003, Japan)

Noriko is a young woman and already a widow, and she lives on a farm with her senile father-in-law. It’s a quiet life, but their sedate world is ruffled with the arrival of relatives hoping to cash in off the old man’s land.

Sounds so simple and sweet right? Well I should mention that the film lands on this list because Noriko is something of an extremely kind soul. She heads out to the barn each morning, strips off her clothes, and gets down on all fours – so that the senile old man, who doesn’t know his beloved cow Bessie has died, can pull up a stool and try to milk her. Yup.

This feels like the right time to mention that this is a “pinku” film – a Japanese sub-genre of sorts in which movies run about an hour, are made on a miniscule budget, and have to feature a minimum number of skin-baring sex scenes. They come in all varieties from action to horror to comedy, but this one is a straight drama. We get a lot of naughty bits, but the story being told between the old man and the young woman is touching. Okay, poor choice of words, but it’s an affecting bond they form of platonic love as each provides comfort to the other long after the man who connected them has gone.

A Lonely Cow Weeps at Dawn is available on DVD.

Sex Is Zero (2002, South Korea)

Eun-shik is new to college despite being older than his peers, and his struggle to fit in is an uphill battle. He and his friends are goofy, the girls are playful and have their own quirks, and life is a bumpy as hell adventure. Some of it’s fun, some of it’s tragic, and all of it is necessary to finding out who he wants to be and who he really is.

This gem of a “teen sex” comedy delivers big laughs, saucy scenes, and real heart, but it also gives us a body fluid sequence blending science and culinary skills into something that might leave curious viewers feeling adventurous in the kitchen. Broke college students are a universal reality, and finding food to eat can be a challenge – so when one remembers a biology lesson about semen containing as much protein as egg whites, well, he fries some up in a skillet. And then an unaware Eun-shik eats a fried spunk sandwich.

The film succeeds at showing that Hollywood doesn’t have a lock on this sub-genre and that horny young adults are an international scourge, but while it earns comparisons to the likes of the American Pie films it’s also unafraid to go dark. The film’s back half is actually most closely aligned to the likes of The Last American Virgin (1982) and Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) as fun and games take a heartbreaking turn. South Korean filmmakers are better than most at shifting tone so drastically within a single scene, and this funny and affecting film is a fine example of that.

Sex Is Zero is available on DVD.

Taxidermia (2006, Hungary)

A soldier struggles to keep his focus despite wanting to fornicate with everything and everyone. A competitive eater struggles to earn respect even while disrespecting his body. A lonely taxidermist struggles with his distaste for his gluttonous father and his desire for permanent perfection.

The themes running through György Pàlfi‘s interwoven anthology are fluid, and its fluids are thematic. Each of the three men gets their hands messy here with all manner of wet, sticky, and smelly substances, but while most are gross one is surreal (and more fascinating than disgusting). The sex hungry soldier enjoys a rich imagination, and one session sees him enjoying the company of a lit candle – don’t worry, it doesn’t go where you think it’s going – that he suckles before ejaculating a large flame from his erect member. See? Not what you were expecting.

The film is filled with fluids, most of them not flammable, but they’re merely building blocks for a story about the impulses and desires that take hold and rule lives. The three men are related – the soldier is father to the eater who’s father to the taxidermist – and while their hungers differ in detail they work collectively to tell the same tale of destructive obsession.

Taxidermia is available on DVD.

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