Black Panther Trailer Breakdown 26

When T’Challa enters a room, he enters a room in style. Even the camera has to tilt to properly show him off.

Black Panther Trailer Breakdown 27

Welcome to the Wakandan throne room, where the king and the various tribal leaders can meet and hash things out and negotiate and bargain and probably exchange threats. You’ll note from the big doors in the back that this is where we saw Killmonger earlier in the trailer. It seems that he will be judged by leaders from every corner of the nation for his crimes.

Black Panther Trailer Breakdown 29

Black Panther is going to be a real family affair. Pictured here: T’Challa’s mother, Ramonda, played by the great Angela Bassett, and his sister Shuri, played by Letitia Wright. With other tribal leaders turned against him, it looks like the king of Wakanda is going to have to rely on his own blood relatives if he’s going to stay alive. And wherever they’re going, it seems that Everett Ross has tagged along as well.

Black Panther Trailer Breakdown 30

In his earliest incarnations, Killmonger was just a skilled fighter. Or rather, he was a fighter skilled enough to stand toe-to-toe with the super-powered Black Panther. It’s not clear how far the movie will take his character, but this shot confirms one thing: we’ll get to see Michael B. Jordan kick a bunch of ass (while shirtless, as is the Marvel way).

Black Panther Trailer Breakdown 31

Speaking of Killmonger, here he is squaring off against members of the Dora Milaje. We’ve seen these red-armored ladies throughout the trailer and they have an important job in the nation of Wakanda: they are the king’s bodyguards. In the comics, each member of the group represents a different Wakandan tribe and a long time ago, they were all intended to be potential spouses for an unmarried ruler. But now, they’re just a bunch of badass lady warriors, all of them dedicated to to protecting the throne. As Wonder Woman showed us, audiences are hungry for ladies kicking ass in superhero movies. Black Panther may star a male lead, but he’s surrounded by a number of women who can hold their own in a fight.

Black Panther Trailer Breakdown 32

While the Dora Milaje may be some of the toughest women in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they’re going to have their hands full. This area appears to be the same location we previously saw in the trailer, where T’Challa was approaching that group of warriors and leaders with his arm raised…and something bad has gone down. In addition to dealing with the likes of Killmonger, it looks like they will also have to take on men from other Wakandan tribes that don’t see eye-to-eye with the new king.

Black Panther Trailer Breakdown 33

The final stretch of this trailer is all about the women of Black Panther. Here are Nakia and Shuri, looking armed and dangerous and ready for a fight. The only thing more astonishing than the number of characters on display in this trailer are the quality actors cast in every single part.

Black Panther Trailer Breakdown 34

As T’Challa’s sister, Shuri is a princess of Wakanda…but that doesn’t make her a damsel in distress. Her comic book counterpart dreamed of being the first female Black Panther, only for her brother to take up the mantle instead. She may not have a costume, but she’s just as tough as her super heroic sibling (although it’s not clear if the MCU version of the character will have the same collection of eclectic powers her comic counterpart has picked up over the years).

Black Panther Trailer Breakdown 35

Meet M’Baku, played by actor Winston Duke. In the comics, this tribal leader is known as Man-Ape (don’t expect that name to stick in the movie) and he leads the White Gorilla cult, who despise Wakanda’s technological makeover and believe that the nation should return to its primitive ways. How he fits into the film remains unknown, but he’s definitely the kind of guy Killmonger would want on his side.

Black Panther Trailer Breakdown 37

The final beat of the trailer is the most familiar: a CGI car crash, complete with Black Panther elegantly flipping through the air and landing on another vehicle. We’ve seen this kind of stuff before, but in a trailer that is otherwise jam-packed with stuff that feels new, this is totally okay. It should also be noted that this is definitely not Wakanda. How much of the movie will take place outside of T’Challa’s home nation? We’ll find out when the movie opens on February 16, 2018.

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