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Now in addition to the voice, you’re also credited as giving additional dialogue. What was that like? How early did you come on? What did you contribute for that?

I came in early before I was even on it as a voice, as an actor. I came in just I just asked to take a tour of Pixar. And I did this tour and had a lot of fun and I met Pete [Docter] and Jonas [Rivera]. And then we hung out. And then as I hung out in the story room with Josh Cooley. Really smart and really talented. And he’s head of story on this movie. And Josh and I just hung out and worked. And then it was so sweet that they gave us a credit. I’ve improvised a lot of stuff that’s ended up in a lot of things and I never get any credit.

I bet.

We’ve sometimes done entire movies and we get no credit. There’s some movies I’ve been in where it should be “Written by the cast.” But this one they gave us that credit, which was very sweet. They didn’t need to do that.


I do love that as a film fan, you sort of get to be a film critic in this movie in the scene where Fear’s watching the Dream Factory.

Oh yeah.

Was that scene something that they tailored to you or did you just come in and put your voice on it?

No, part of the scene always was that Fear was watching the Dream because the whole thing was they’re trying to do a nightmare to wake Riley up. And so Fear was always watching. I know we recorded a couple of different versions of it. But for some reason I remember I had tea for my throat. And as I was doing the thing, I just started [dipping] the teabag. I started doing it. And then when they showed the animation, they had animated it with a teabag, which I thought was funny.

Good Dinosaur Details

In addition to this, you’re also a voice in The Good Dinosaur, correct?

I don’t know if I am.

Oh no?

I don’t know. I did that two years ago and I have not been back since.

Well that’s a perfect example. My question is these movies are made so early, by the time they come out, they’re totally different and Pixar is also very secretive. They’re working on movies now that we don’t even know about. So what is it like as somebody who loves movies to be able to have to hold the secrets? Is it frustrating?

No, it’s easy. Because now I’ve made things where I’m like “Oh I don’t want people [to know about it.]” I’ve learned very early not to talk too much because things change or just go away. You know, I talked early on about writing a movie for Judd Apatow. I remember doing that and then thinking “I really wish I didn’t tell people that.” Because Judd and I worked on it and we both agreed “This doesn’t work.” That was 2009 and I’m still answering questions about it. Today I answered about it twice.

I guess I’ll cross that off the list here.

I still get questions about it and I’m like, they didn’t announce that in the trades or something. That was my own like big mouth during some thing. So…

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