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It’s time to catch up on the big news from this last full week in June with the Best Stories of the Week.

Below we recap the biggest stories from the past seven days including our set visit from Ant-Man, new information about Independence Day 2, the cancellation of Hannibal on NBC, our new Spider-Man revealed, rumors swirling about Green Lantern and Ben Affleck’s Batman and more. We’ve also got trailers for Heroes Reborn, the final Paranormal Activity sequel, Sleeping with Other People starring Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie and Legend with Tom Hardy. And for those wondering if Terminator: Genisys is any good, we have a reaction to the sequel/reboot as well.

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#38. Park Chan-wook Tackling Fingersmith


After tackling Stoker for his English-language debut, director Park Chan-wook is heading back to Korean films with a new lesbian drama called Fingersmith. Production is already underway in Japan with an eye towards releasing the film in 2016. If you want to know more about the story, check out our original report right here.

#37. Marc Forster Directing Former Stanley Kubrick Project Downslope


Stanley Kubrick might be the only filmmaker to have so many new projects made with his name attached despite having been dead for 16 years. Now we can add one more to the pile as World War Z director Marc Forster is set to direct the first film in a hopeful trilogy based on Stanley Kubrick’s screenplay The Downslope. The film is an anti-war drama about a series of Civil War battles in the Shenandoah Valley, and you can find out more about it over here.

#36. Michael Keaton Bringing Imagine Agents Comic to the Big Screen

Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton hasn’t touched comic book movies since his time spent as Batman, but now he’s slated to produce one. However, it is perhaps not a title you’re familiar with. Keaton will produce and star in Imagine Agents, a story that takes place at a Men in Black-like agency that keeps track of the imaginary friends that kids have, which sounds pretty cool. To find out who Keaton would play in the film, check out the full story.

#35. Interview: Skydance’s David Ellison & Dana Goldberg on Terminator and More

Skydance Productions

Our own Peter Sciretta sat down with Skydance Productions heads David Ellison and Dana Goldberg and talked about all their franchises, from Mission: Impossible to Terminator to Star Trek and also Top Gun 2. This all happened during the Terminator: Genisys premiere in Berlin, which means we also got some interesting details about whether or not James Cameron was paid to endorse the reboot/sequel and also why a trilogy was planned before the first movie even came out. Check out the full interview right here.

#34. David Fincher and Rooney Mara to Reunite for Utopia Series

Rooney Mara

After collaborating on the American adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, director David Fincher and actress Rooney Mara may reunite for HBO’s remake of the British drama series Utopia. The series will be scripted by Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn, but if you want to know what the show is about (and it’s pretty cool), then check out our original story.

#33. Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Revenge (Again) inĀ 478

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Maggie

Arnold Schwarznegger has gotten revenge on plenty of people who has put his life in danger, and he’s about to do it again. The Terminator franchise star will star in 478, the story of a man whose wife and child are killed in a plane crash. Sounds pretty typical, but they weren’t killed by a criminal or murderer. Get the details in our full story right here.

#32. Disney Announces Pixar Panels and More for D23

D23 Expo 2015 Schedule

Disney fans can get keep getting excited for the House of Mouse’s D23 convention coming in August. The studio has just announced the panels and floor booth for Pixar Animation, not to mention a unique exhibit featuring John Lasseter’s signature Hawaiian shirt. Find out more about D23 in our original post.

#31. Set Visit: American Ultra with Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart

American Ultra

Before he left, Germain Lussier delivered his report from the set of the stoner action comedy American Ultra. Find out what he saw on the set right here, and then check out our interview with stars Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart right here.

#30. Retro Trailer Debuts for Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer Series

The series hits Netflix on July 31st.

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