Vincent Cassel in Partisan

#8. Vincent Cassel Takes Villain Role in Bourne 5

After giving Ocean’s Eleven some trouble in Ocean’s Twelve, French actor Vincent Cassel is getting into action thriller territory by taking a villain role in Bourne 5. Find out who Cassel is playing in the full story right here.

#7. Will Smith Takes the NFL to Task in Concussion Trailer

The sports drama arrives on December 25th.

#6. 25 Movies to Be Excited for Before the End of 2015: Indie Edition

2015 Fall movies

Following our list of some of the most anticipated blockbuster films coming before the end of 2015, Russ Fischer rounded up a list of independent movies that you should be excited to see before the year is out. Check out the full list right here.

#5. Mark Ruffalo Was Cut Out of Captain America: Civil War

Best Hulk Scene

Even though we had heard Mark Ruffalo might pop up in Captain America: Civil War as the Hulk, it sounds like the big guy ended up getting cut out of the movie. Find out why Hulk got cut in the full story.

#4. Chris Evans Still Up for More Captain America After Contract Ends

Chris Evans not leaving Captain America

Previously, Chris Evans was unsure about continuing to play Captain America after his most recent contract was done following his work in the forthcoming The Avengers: Infinity War. However, he now has renewed interest in playing the superhero as long as he can, and it just so happens to arrive after some other big Marvel news. Get the full story right here.

#3. Iconic Horror Director Wes Craven Has Passed Away

Wes Craven interview

The weekend before last brought the sad news that legendary horror filmmaker Wes Craven had passed away at 76 years old. Check out a 45-minute career-spanning interview with the filmmaker right here and read Edgar Wright’s tribute to the filmmaker right here.

#2. Star Wars: Force Friday, Episode VIII, The Force Awakens Score and More

Josh Trank exits Star Wars

As usual, there were a slew of updates about Star Wars this week, and here’s everything you need to know:

#1. Kevin Feige Has More Power at Marvel, Almost Quit During Civil War

Kevin Feige Interview

Kevin Feige has just gotten more power at Marvel Studios after a major restructuring at the executive level, and it sounds like it should be good news for the comic book production company. However, he also almost quit Marvel during a disagreement about Captain America: Civil War.

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