Pixar’s 15 Best Female Characters

Merida (Brave)

10. Merida (Brave)

Simply by virtue of being Pixar’s first female protagonist, Merida had a lot riding on her shoulders. Fortunately for Pixar, as well as for little girls everywhere, this gutsy princess was up to the task. Merida insisted on doing things her way, refusing to accept convention for its own sake. Yet she also proved wise and kind enough to know when to set aside her own self-interest. Plus, she might be one of the few figures in all of pop culture who could give Katniss and Hawkeye a run for their money in an archery contest.

Colette (Ratatouille)

9. Colette Tatou (Ratatouille)

Colette is the quintessential woman in a man’s world, and she’s all too aware of that fact. As she explains, “haute cuisine is an antiquated hierarchy built upon rules set down by stupid old men, rules designed to make it impossible for women to enter this world.” Yet she’s been able to snag a prestigious gig at Gusteau’s because, she tells Linguini, she’s “the toughest cook in the kitchen.” Tough, that is, but not heartless. While Colette isn’t afraid to assert herself (much to Remy and Linguini’s admiration), she’s also a loyal friend who lives by Gusteau’s notion that “anyone can cook.”


8. Joy (Inside Out)

There are five emotions at work in Riley’s mind, but Joy is the one who really runs the show. Her Leslie Knope-esque competence and can-do spirit make her a natural leader — just the kind of gal you’d want by your side in a crisis. That’s true even if you’re not besties, as Sadness learns in their travels together. Joy tries to see the best in everyone and make the world a happier place, and she succeeds just by being her own sweet, smart, understanding self.

Roz (Monsters Inc)

7. Roz (Monsters Inc.)

Don’t be fooled by her unassuming appearance — Roz is one tough cookie. She’s not swayed by sweet talk, she makes no apologies about closing the office on time, and she refuses to suffer fools who can’t turn in their goddamn paperwork in a timely fashion. In retrospect, maybe it’s not such a surprise when she’s revealed as the CDA’s top undercover agent. You need someone who’s “always watching” for a job like that.

Edna (The Incredibles)

6. Edna Mode (The Incredibles)

Superpowers, courage, and a heart of gold all have their place in the world-saving biz, but any superhero worth the title knows an iconic look completes the package. That’s where Edna Mode comes in. She’s got an uncanny talent for designing stylish superhero uniforms, as well as the kind of disdainful, no-nonsense demeanor that’d leave Anna Wintour quaking in her Chanel boots. To top it all off, she might be the wisest character in the entire Incredibles universe: “NO CAPES!” proves to be the most valuable piece of advice in the movie.

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