The Best Films of the 2017 Sundance Film Festival

band aid

Peter Sciretta’s Best of Sundance 2017 List

  1. The Big Sick
  2. Ingrid Goes West
  3. Brigsby Bear
  4. Band Aid
  5. Tokyo Idols
  6. Wind River
  7. An Inconvenient Sequel
  8. I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore
  9. Get Out
  10. Nobody Speak: Hulk Hogan, Gawker and the Trials of a Free Press
  11. Before I Fall
  12. L.A. Times
  13. Wilson
  14. Person to Person
  15. Bitch
  16. XX
  17. Lemon

Berlin Syndrome

Angie Han’s Best of Sundance 2017 List

  1. Call Me By Your Name
  2. Columbus
  3. The Big Sick
  4. Mudbound
  5. The Yellow Birds
  6. The Incredible Jessica James
  7. Berlin Syndrome
  8. Gook
  9. Before I Fall
  10. Marjorie Prime
  11. Beatriz at Dinner
  12. Landline
  13. Bitch
  14. Novitiate
  15. Crown Heights
  16. The Little Hours


Ethan Anderton’s Best of Sundance 2017 List

  1. The Big Sick
  2. Call Me By Your Name
  3. A Ghost Story
  4. Brigsby Bear
  5. Mudbound
  6. The Discovery
  7. Nobody Speak: Hulk Hogan, Gawker and the Trials of a Free Press
  8. The Incredible Jessica James
  9. An Inconvenient Sequel
  10. Ingrid Goes West
  11. Band Aid
  12. Colossal
  13. Newness
  14. 78/52
  15. I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore
  16. Wind River
  17. Landline
  18. Marjorie Prime
  19. The Polka King
  20. Their Finest

Wind River Review

Best of Sundance 2017: All Reviews & Reports

Berlin Syndrome‘: Find Out What Happened When a World Premiere Broke Down Minutes Before Its Ending

The Big Sick’ Review: The Most Authentic, Unique Romantic Comedy in Years

Brigsby Bear’ Review: A Wonderful, Offbeat Comedy About the Power of Storytelling

Call Me By Your Name’ Review: A Story of First Love Worth Falling Head Over Heels For

Columbus’ Review: A Sweet and Subtle Drama With Shades of ‘Once’ and ‘Before Sunrise’

The Discovery’ Review: ‘Eternal Sunshine’ Meets ‘Flatliners’ in An Engrossing Indie Sci-Fi Package

Get Out’ Review: Jordan Peele’s Directorial Debut is a Clever and Funny Thriller

A Ghost Story’ Review: David Lowery’s Astounding Supernatural Rumination on Time & Mortality

I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore’ Review: Melanie Lynskey Gets a Bloody, Quirky Crusade

An Inconvenient Sequel’ Review: Al Gore Is Pissed, And You Should Be Too

The Incredible Jessica James’ Review: Jessica Williams Sparkles in Romcom Charmer

Ingrid Goes West‘ Review: Aubrey Plaza’s Hilarious Stalker Dark Comedy Set in the Instagram Era

Mudbound’ Review: Garett Hedlund & Jason Mitchell Sparkle in Dee Rees’ Southern Family Epic

Newness’ Review: Drake Doremus’ Sexy, Raw Portrait of Love in the Age of Tinder

Nobody Speak‘ Review: Did ”Hulkamania” Kill the Free Press?

Tokyo Idols’ Review: A Must-See Documentary About Obsessed Middle-Aged J-Pop Fans

When the Street Lights Go On‘: One of the Best Things I Saw at Sundance 2017 Was a TV Pilot

Wind River’ Review: Jeremy Renner Has Never Been Better in This Snowy, Shocking Thriller

The Yellow Birds’ Review: Alden Ehrenreich Devastates in Thoughtful Iraq War Drama

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