The 20 Best Movie Posters of 2017

Coco Poster

13. Coco

Pixar usually does a fantastic job marketing their movies all around, and the imagery created for Coco is no exception. On the top half, we see aspiring musician Miguel wandering through his little village, but in the reflection of the puddle on the ground on the bottom half, we get a glimpse of the Land of the Dead and Miguel’s skeleton family who lives there. It’s a vibrant, wonderful poster.

The HItman's Bodyhuard Poster

12. The Hitman’s Bodyguard

There aren’t enough posters for comedies that give off the vibe of the movie they’re trying to sell. They’re usually bland assemblies of heavily Photoshopped images of the stars in the movie, since that’s apparently the best way to sell comedies in poster form. But in the case of The Hitman’s Bodyguard, we get a hilarious, perfect parody of the poster for The Bodyguard.

Kong: Skull Island Poster

11. Kong: Skull Island

For a movie that brings to mind Apocalypse Now, the posters for this reboot of King Kong were certainly on brand. The sunset behind Kong not only shows us the ape’s gigantic size, but it also brings to mind Vietnam war movies from decades ago. That’s intentional, as those movies had a long of influence on Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ action adventure.

Better Watch Out Poster

10. Better Watch Out

Is there any better way to sell a Christmas horror movie than with a bloody, ugly Christmas sweater? Not only do the blood splatters look great, but the details of the sweater including an axe, a gun, a knife and a baseball bat really bring this design home for the holidays.

The Dark Tower Poster

9. The Dark Tower

While we’ve seen designs like this before (the poster for Coco has a similar style), what’s great about this particular approach is that the outline of the sky created by the edges of city skyscrapers create the outline of the Dark Tower itself. It’s just a shame the movie wasn’t anywhere near as good as this poster.

Baby Driver Poster

8. Baby Driver

Here’s another case of how simple imagery is better. The car is being fired out of the gun, indicating speed and violence are in store for this movie. But the extra touch of using soundwaves as the bullet trail/tire tracks is what pushes it over the top to being a great poster. Combined with the tagline, “All you need is one killer track,” and it’s clear that the soundtrack of this movie is going to be just as integral to the movie as the action. A lot is said with very little.

The Post Poster

7. The Post

Much like comedies, selling dramas like The Post in poster form can be difficult and often rely on star power. In this case, the last names of Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks are certainly highlighted, but it’s the repetitive image that draws your eye to the poster. We see Streep and Hanks on a long, wide staircase, indicating the climb they’ll have to make in court to fight against the government. But I also like that the stairs look similar to the black lines drawn in confidential government documents to indicate something has been redacted, not unlike The Pentagon Papers at the center of this story.

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