The 20 Best Movie Posters of 2015

Best Movie Posters of 2015

A large majority of movie posters are forgettable. Most simply use Photoshop to slap some characters together, combine them with some action setpieces, slap on a title and credits, and print them to be displayed at the movie theater. But every now and then some movie posters actually catch our attention, and some of them are actually worthy of being called art. And we’d like to call attention to some of our favorite movie posters of the year by counting down the 20 Best Movie Posters of 2015. Check them out below!

Now before we get to the actual posters, I’d like to explain that every poster you’ll see below is an official movie poster. You won’t see any Mondo prints or other screen prints or giclées that may have been created in tribute to movies that were released in 2015. Foreign posters were considered, but none that caught my eye made the cut. Keep in mind that this is very subjective and not meant to be definitive, so if you think some other posters are worth mentioning, post them in the comments! And now, let’s get on with the countdown.


20. The Night Before

Posters for holiday comedies are usually garbage. They pretty much always feature the cast making goofy expressions, hinting at how awkward and uncomfortable a family Christmas is going to be. And while this poster does feature the cast of The Night Before just standing there, including Seth Rogen with a goofy expression on his face, the stained glass aesthetic makes it stand out. The images are almost undoubtedly traced, but I think it’s a good poster.


19. The Peanuts Movie

There’s so much going on in this poster! That’s what I love about it. Seeing so many kids in the style of Charles Schulz‘s Peanuts comic in the movie theater is a very cool image. Plus, it’s far more interesting than just featuring Charlie Brown by himself with the primary players. It makes the world of Peanuts feel big. Also, the concessions cups that look like Charlie Brown’s shirt are a nice touch.


18. Jupiter Ascending

This may have been a pretty awful movie (though our own Angie Han had it as an Honorable Mention in her top 10 list), but there were a batch of artistic posters that were released to promote the film that actually made it look cool. This one was my favorite because it almost feels like a Drew Struzan poster concept.


17. The Visit

Simple teaser posters often turn out to be some of the best of the year, and the first poster for The Visit was no exception. Grandmothers love cross-stitching, so having the poster for a visit to the grandparents’ house turned terrifying is a nice touch. The bloody fingerprints and the stains all around add the right amount of creepiness to the poster.


16. The Martian

The first teaser poster for The Martian was pretty uninspired, calling back to the teaser poster for The Social Network and dozens of other posters just like it. But this one just looks cool. It’s almost like there’s a vinyl record of Mars around Matt Damon‘s head, which seems appropriate when you consider how important the soundtrack of The Martian is to some of the comedy that unfolds.

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