Howard the Duck

7. Howard the Duck (1986) Directed by Willard Huyck

If you grew up in the Eighties, and have memories of Howard the Duck, they’re probably fond memories. The film – one of the first big screen Marvel Comics adaptations – was a legendary failure. So people who do remember it probably saw it at the age where quality didn’t matter. As a more mature film fan, it’s hard to deny the movie has an undeniably weird charm, but it’s creepy and not particularly engaging beyond that. The script is lacking, the performances are subpar but there is definitely something about the film you can’t take your eyes off. That stands for something.

Willow Warwick Davis

6. Willow (1988) Directed by Ron Howard

Willow is a fun movie. It’s got action, adventure, huge sweeping set pieces, an amazing score and lots of great, quirky performances. It’s not up to the level you may remember when you saw it as a child, but it’s a solid fantasy film that’s worth revising from time to time. Ron Howard – a Lucasfilm alum from a decade before – had made some big hits before this, but Willow is really where he became a big time blockbuster filmmaker.

Tucker The Man And His Dream

5. Tucker: The Man and His Dream (1988) Directed by Francis Ford Coppola

The Oscar-winning director of The Godfather teamed up with his old friend George Lucas to make this flashy, interesting biopic. Jeff Bridges shines as Preston Tucker, a automobile inventor whose life was riddled with controversy and conflict. Boasting a wonderful supporting cast (Joan Allen, Martin Landau, Elias Koteas, Christian Slater) Tucker is heartbreaking American story and one of Coppola’s most underrated movies.


4. Labyrinth (1986) Directed by Jim Henson

When you were a kid, you probably didn’t realize that Jim Henson and his creations always worked on multiple levels. There was always an obvious superficial story, but there was always something “off” about them, too. Something subversive. That’s one of the reasons Labyrinth remains such a classic. Jennifer Connolly plays a young girl who must traverse a maze to find her missing brother, meeting innumerable different characters and creatures along the way. Among them, the Goblin King played by David Bowie, who also provided the film’s soundtrack. Labyrinth isn’t perfect by any means, but it’s wholly unique and memorable nonetheless.

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