Maniac Cop

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Chris: William Lustig’s Maniac Cop seems all the more appropriate these days, telling the story of a violent cop who actually got sent to jail for his crimes and was believed to be killed in prison – only to then resurface and start murdering people on the streets of New York. We’re supposed to believe the Maniac Cop was railroaded and got a bum deal being sent to jail, but he clearly was in the wrong – and he’s even more in the wrong now that he’s murdering innocent folks on the streets. This isn’t the most well-made film – it’s actually kind of clunky. But the premise is too good to pass up, and any movie that has both Bruce Campbell and Tom Atkins in it can’t be all bad. 

Matt: Starting off by throwing me for a loop, but I’ve seen these added to Shudder so will get to fixin’ that blind spot.

Session 9

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Chris: A slow-burn horror classic, Session 9 is the movie that put director Brad Anderson on the map, and it’s the movie he’s been chasing ever since. Filmed inside a real abandoned mental asylum, the plot concerns a group of working glass guys hired to clear the asbestos from the building. But there seems to be someone – or something – lurking in the shadows. The results are genuinely creepy, and while you might see the eventual twist coming, it still works. Bonus: David Caruso saying “Fuck you!” as the camera zooms in on his face. 

Matt: I finally gave this one a watch and I can admit I get most of the hype.


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Chris: A lean, mean horror thriller about hungry gators terrorizing a competitive swimmer (Kaya Scodelario) and her dad (Barry Pepper) during a hurricane, Crawl is a modern-day B-movie done right. There’s nothing overly complicated here, and that’s fine. This movie knows exactly what it wants to do, and does it. It doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a movie about killer gators, and that’s more than fine. 

Matt: Between Crawl and Piranha 3D, I’d be fine if Alexandre Aja committed the rest of his career to aquatic horror.

Hollow Man

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Chris: Paul Verhoeven takes the Invisible Man premise and works it into something incredibly sleazy and violent, because of course he does. Cool scientist Kevin Bacon and his team have found a way to make people invisible, and Bacon decides to be the first human test subject for the procedure. Unfortunately, going invisible turns an already narcissistic guy into a full-blown psychopath. Consider this film the gross, offensive, black sheep cousin to Leigh Whannell’s recent The Invisible Man

Matt: This precursor to Leigh Whannell’s The Invisible Man is big dumb stupid see-through fun when it comes to Kevin Bacon’s horror canon.

Pulse (2001)

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Chris: There’s an eerie loneliness to Pulse that feels extra relatable these days. A sense that even though we’re all connected by technology we’re further apart than ever. The premise concerns ghosts breaking into the world of the living via the internet, and I know, I know – that sounds really stupid. But this movie is anything but stupid. It’s a melancholy ghost story with more than a few scenes that are guaranteed to make your blood run cold. 

Matt: What’s there left to be added after this enlightening Google audience review that says it all:

“fantastic picture.i am honoured too be the first to review this masterpiece. Truly sent shivers wriggling through my spine, so much so that ectoplasm appeared on my crotch. B=====D thanks for listening, goodnight god bless (hope you manage to get to sleep >:)) xoxox”

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