6. S03E09 “Beebo The God of War”

A talking blue teddy bear from the ’70s, Beebo (“I Lo-Lo-Love You!”), lands up in the time of the Vikings and is worshipped as a God, changing all of history. There is no Christmas, or even Christianity. There is only… Beebo Day. “Beebo Hungry!” says the bear when its belly is rubbed; the Vikings, fearing their God’s displeasure, pillage in his name. To make matters worse, before the Legends can un-step in all this Beebo bullshit, Damian Darhk shows up in Odin cosplay to get the Vikings to worship him instead. Oh boy. (Worth noting: this teddy bear keeps popping up throughout the season, even on The Flash, a motif that pays of stupendously)

7. S03E13 “No Country for Old Dads”

Damian Darhk spends the whole season fighting alongside his daughter Nora in order to free the demon Mallus, who was trapped in time by five “totem bearers” long ago (Legends’ equivalent of the Infinity Stones). In order to repair the broken fire totem, Darhk sends his daughter and a kidnapped Ray Palmer to 1962 Berlin to kidnap a scientist, who also happens to be the target of a skilled assassin: Damian Darhk himself in 1962 (Neal McDonough in a hilarious wig), resulting in an unexpected pivot into Cold War spy-action territory.

The episode starts out with the present Darhk killing the creator of a dating app because he isn’t getting enough matches (“Interests: re-creating the world in my image”) but it ends with Darhk fighting his old self and potentially beginning a journey back towards the side of good, earning the character development along the way as it takes the risk of making ruthless murderers endearing. By the end however, we may even want their redemption. It’s utterly ridiculous, and yet, dramatically sound. The episode also sees Kid Flash/Wally West joining the Legends, because why the hell not?

8. S03E14 “Amazing Grace”

A young Elvis Presley winds up with the “death totem.” His guitar becomes haunted by the ghost of his dead brother, which flies around the Legends’ space-ship as they try to catch the haunted instrument (this show is your one-stop destination for all the great physical comedy ever) and it also involves Elvis serenading a ruthless undead army with his beautiful voice in order to lay them to rest. Why are you still reading this list? Just watch the damn show already. Okay, no, wait, hold on. I have to tell you about this next one…

9. S03E17 “Guest Starring John Noble”

John Noble, Denethor from The Lord of the Rings, voices the demon Mallus, who by this point has begun to control the mind of Damian Darhk’s daughter Nora. In order to set her free, the Legends have to find someone to impersonate Mallus so they can record some phrases and fool Nora into believing they’re Mallus’ instructions. Upon realizing that Mallus sounds a whole lot like a certain actor playing a certain Australian actor playing a certain Tolkein character, they travel back to New Zealand in the late ’90s and pretend to be part of a certain Peter Jackson’s production crew, getting the actor John Noble (playing himself) to record what he thinks are new Denethor lines, but are actually instructions for Nora.

Oh, and Gorilla Grodd travels back in time to kill college-aged Barack Obama who, upon being rescued, dolls out relationship advice to the White Canary, who’s just learned that her girlfriend is actually a clone from the future. Normal show.

10. S03E18 “The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly”

Look, I’m not even going to try to explain this one:

Yes, that’s the Legends, Kid Flash, Jonah Hex and Helen of Troy in the old West fighting Romans and Vikings. Yes, it does somehow make sense in the chronology of the show. Yes, they do in fact combine to form a giant, magical teddy-bear in order to suplex a demon. Why the hell aren’t you watching this thing?


There you have it. Legends of Tomorrow returns October 22, and it looks even more bonkers than before:

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