BSG Jamie Bamber Michael Hogan

Following the news that former Whedonverse member Alexis Denisof will appear in Dollhouse season 2 (and that Summer Glau could likely show up as well), we’ve also learned that members of the Battlestar Galactica cast will be appearing in the new season. Jamie Bamber, who played Lee Adama in BSG, will be showing up as a character “heavily involved” in an engagement according to E! Online. And just a few minutes ago, we learned from Mo Ryan’s Twitter account that Michael Hogan will be appearing in the second episode of the season.

The premiere of Dollhouse season 2 is shaping up to be one of my most anticipated television events this year. Not only do we have all this great casting to look forward to, but I’m increasingly anxious to see where Whedon takes the story post-“Epitaph One”. One of my favorite experiences at Comic-Con was seeing the lost Dollhouse episode with a packed crowd of like-minded fans (You can read Adam Quigley’s rundown of the experience here).

These delicious casting announcements are just the icing on the cake for Dollhouse fans. I’m just hoping that the Friday time slot isn’t going to continue hurting the series. With “Epitaph One”, Whedon has crafted a mythology that completely changes the scope of the series and has turned it into something I consider his Terminator. It would be a shame to lose all that potential just because the show is airing at the wrong time.

Discuss: Are there more Whedon or BSG cast members you’d like to see in Dollhouse? How about actors from other great shows?

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