Big, bulky Batman here, standing near what may be a vehicle, holding something in his hand — it’s very difficult to tell what those objects are. What isn’t difficult to see is the very Riddler-like question mark on the left-most column.


The flickering lightning gets more intense, still keeping the light on Bruce/Batman in an alternating state.


Here’s a vehicle reveal for you — the Batwing. The voiceover is gone now; there’s just a dark, rough score and sound effects.


And it seems, as Bats flies in an attack pattern, that this Batman DNGAF when it comes to taking out bad guys. (Though we don’t see anyone actually shot here.) Or is this a drone? This little sequence feels oddly added in here, to show off some new gear. In fact, this is the part of the trailer where it diverges from setting up a story and veers into having to service two major characters. It’s a bit awkward.


And here’s your new Batmobile.


Batman is not in the mood for any of your shit as he steps up from… what? A crash? Having something thrown at him? His suit doesn’t look very messed up, so it’s difficult to tell. But he’s huge, and clearly pissed off.


Batman stands watch over his city (or a city — is he home?) in a shot that is the one thing in this trailer that is fairly reminiscent of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy of Batman films. And the structure he’s on — is he atop one of the buildings seen in the slow push-in to the statue?

And… wait. That thing poking out over his right shoulder — is that a sniper rifle? Kinda looks like it. Loaded with tranquilizer darts, we’re hoping. (Which would probably cause all sorts of headaches for those who care about ballistics, but whatever.) Frank Miller put a rifle in Batman’s hands in The Dark Knight Returns, and given the heavy Miller influence that is all over BvS so far, we expect that Snyder and crew are borrowing the scenario.



Let’s do a couple images pairs as an armored and battle-ready Batman stares up at Superman. The lightning continues the play of light and shadow on him, and soon on Superman, too.



The lightning does its chiaroscuro work on Superman as he hovers above Batman. Here, Superman does not look like any sort of benevolent figure. The backlight from the lightning here has exactly the opposite effect of the backlight in the godlike appearance above.

Regardless, Batman has no interest in a distant icon. “Tell me,” he growls in a voice more rough than any other, “do you bleed?”



Here it’s the lightning on Batman again, turning him from a solitary warrior to an almost demonic presence, with those glowing eyes. Bats has always had that duality, and here it’s like both sides of his nature are amplified, in order to confront something that could be hailed as a god by others.


And then Batman brings — or lures — Superman back down to Earth. There’s a show of power (there’s always going to be a show of power with him coming to ground) but we don’t see anger. He seems almost controlled here. The ground barely buckles when he lands.

We’re left with many questions. Where does this encounter take place, in the chronology of the story? And is this a fight, or the fight between them? Finally, do the audio and images that we get here really match up in the film itself? Which is to say, Bruce seems to be asking if Clark bleeds — before using his quietest grim intonation to close with “you will” — but when we see the film, will that really be what’s going on?


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is out in the US on March 25, 2016.



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