Are they all from movies on the show?

Hader: That would be too expensive, we found out. So pretty quickly they move on to public domain material.

Are there still some famous ones in that space though?

Berg: A little bit. I think this season we sort of transition into Shakespeare toward the end of the year. But they sneak in.

Which Shakespeare?

Hader: You’ll find out. It’s very lesser known Shakespeare.

Is the goal ultimately for Barry to be happy?

Hader: I think he’s trying to find some fulfillment within himself. We thought that was what was interesting was that he’s trying to find this fulfillment and trying to get in touch with himself and become happy, but if he does that, he’ll get outed and probably murdered. So that was a funny conundrum of this choice he’s made. If he accomplishes his goal, he’s a dead guy.

Berg: We’re ideally putting the audience in a place where they’re rooting for this guy. They know that this will lead him to happiness so they want him to follow happiness and probably get out of the crime world. But that may also lead to his death, so we’ve been joking, “You ideally as an audience are rooting for this guy to charge into certain death.”

Where does Silicon Valley pick up in the new season?

Berg: It’s kind of like what we do on this show. We just start talking about where are we, what happened last and what would happen next? That’s where we picked up the conversation. The show has a habit of picking up shortly after the season before it ended. We always try and deal ourselves a bunch of weird cards at the end of a season and then we, sometimes regrettably, have to play them at the beginning of the next season.

Do you still work on South Park, Bill?

Hader: A little bit but not really as much. I kind of just drift in and out of there sometimes just to hang out.

Were you involved with last year’s Stranger Things spoof and Terrence and Philip revival?

Hader: Some of that stuff, yeah. I kind of just hang out really and just laugh. I think they just use me as I laugh or I go, “What is that? I don’t get that.” That’s kind of my [role]. It’s always those two guys doing all the actual content.

In success have you thought of how many or where several seasons of Barry could go?

Hader: I think it’s like 40 seasons.

Berg: Well, we’ve written 37.

Hader: No, we have no idea. We take it one thing at a time.

Berg: Should we be lucky enough to get more, you just pick it up and you just figure out where it goes.

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