Photos of Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly

We all know the story. Eric Stoltz was originally cast as Marty McFly, and replaced by Michael J. Fox after Zemeckis and crew felt the performance wasn’t right for the movie. They had shot almost six full weeks on the movie — almost halfway through production — before they decided to replace Stoltz in the film. Over the years we’ve seen some photos and even a little video footage of Stoltz in the original film, but we haven’t seen much. Klastorin explains:

There have been a number of photos of Eric floating around the internet over the years, but I wanted to find some that people hadn’t seen. The Motion Picture Academy library had a number of them, but it was at the Universal Studios archives where I hit the jackpot. I was handed several boxes containing literally thousands of  negatives of every black and white photo taken on part one, by still photographer Ralph Nelson, Jr. Bob Gale and I sifted through every one of them. It was amazing to see all of those familiar scenes, but with Eric as Marty. I do think the most fun was watching Bob’s reaction as he came upon images he hadn’t seen for over 30 years.

Back to the Future: The Ultimate Visual History features almost 30 new photos of Eric Stoltz on set or in the film, most of which have never before been seen publicly.


George McFly’s Book: A Match Made in Space

One of the cool pull-outs included in the book is a book cover for the softcover edition of George McFly’s novel A Match Made in Space. While the book cover art is the same art created by Andrew Probert for the hardcover prop seen in the first film, the back cover features the first-ever synopsis for the fictional book. Klastorin told me:

This was an idea to do something totally exclusive as an insert. Rather than just reproduce the cover to George’s book as we see it in the film, we thought it would be fun to give readers the cover of what would be the paperback edition of “A Match Made In Space.” Bob Gale wrote the blurb for the back cover which finally reveals the plot of the book!

That’s right, Back to the Future screenwriter Bob Gale wrote the back cover synopsis just for this book.

drew struzan's back to the future 2 photo

Drew Struzan’s Back to the Future Part II Photo

ZZ6409BB11Here is something that I didn’t even think existed until I found it in this book. Legendary poster artist Drew Struzan visited the set of Back to the Future Part III (remember, they shot the sequels back-to-back) to photograph Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd in their costumes and poses for the Back to the Future Part II poster.

Klastorin explains the photo to me:

Having been left out of the photo shoot with Michael for the part one poster, Drew wanted to make sure the same thing wouldn’t happen for Part II. He traveled to the set of III in northern California, and after the shooting day was done, we set up a makeshift photo studio where Michael and Chris got back into their 2015 wardrobe, and happily posed for him.

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