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I guess a lot of people want to see an in-depth documentary on Back to the Future. Not once, but twice, the film called Back in Time has used Kickstarter to raise funds to make a feature-length documentary about the classic time travel trilogy. Both times, the film’s goals were quickly and easily funded. This latest round, which just started last week, happened in a mere few days.

To celebrate, the filmmakers behind this documentary (director Jason Aron, executive producer Louis Krubich and producer Lee Leshen) did two things. They added some really cool new stretch goals and reward levels to their campaign, then spoke exclusively to /Film us about their best memories, so far, in making Back in Time.

Below, read the most memorable moments making the Back to the Future documentary, Back in Time, and read about the stretch goals and rewards on Kickstarter.

The Best Moments Making a Back to the Future Documentary

Adam F Goldberg

The Call From Adam Goldberg:

Executive Producer Louis Krubich: “The surprise when Adam F. Goldberg called us to produce with us. We thought it was a scam or something but we’re humbled that he wanted to join the project. Perfect fit. Then it was great to be able to shoot on the set of The Goldbergs, the backdrop was perfect and it all came together.”

In honor of this first moment, the filmmakers wish to announce they’re adding these three new rewards to the Kickstarter, with more on the way:

  • Signed copy of The Goldbergs Back to the Future-themed episode script
  • A GoBot from Adam’s personal childhood collection, signed by Adam
  • A trip to visit the set of The Goldbergs and meet the cast

Back in Time Documentary

The First Day and the Sheas

Director Jason Aron: “Nothing beats the start of a journey. On the first day when we shot the footage for our original Kickstarter video we met the Sheas in Hubbardston, Massachusetts. We also met two machines – including one used in the movie – and the screen used Toyota pickup used in Back to the Future Parts II and III. Not to mention some amazing screen used costumes and props. It was an amazing way to start this journey.

Producer Lee Leshen: “Bill and Patrick Shea – I met them and their Time Machines on the second trip up to Massachusetts and got the chance to ride in the Part 3 car. I remember thinking when I got out, “Ok, that’s it. I’ve ridden in a Time Machine – if it all ends tomorrow, I’ve had a full life.”

Back to the Future II Hoverboard

Interviewing Michael J Fox

Aron: “I think the day you interview Marty McFly is the day you know you’ve made it as a Back to the Future documentary. The reality of Michael J. Fox though is that he is one of the most down to Earth regular guys you can meet and you almost forget you’re in the room with greatness.”


Meeting Christopher Lloyd

Leshen: “Christopher Lloyd was particularly memorable, as, for me, that was the first interview with a cast member. I don’t often get star struck, but, he’s not a star – he’s Christopher Lloyd. There’s never going to be another actor like him. He’s both Doc Brown, and Judge Doom. He’s Reverend Jim and Switchblade Sam. He taught me about time travel in a way my seven-year old brain could understand. And now he’s…standing in the doorway to the backyard where we were setting up for his shoot, softly saying, ‘This must be the place.’ We all looked up, saw who it was (as if his unmistakeable signature tone could belong to anyone else), fell silent for a moment, and I believe collectively thought, ‘That’s Doc Brown. This is why we’re here. It’s real.’ He gave us a great interview and then stuck around for about twenty minutes afterward, just chatting, and he was gracious enough to sign some rewards for the follow up Kickstarter campaign. Absolute class, through and through.

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