avengers infinity war breakdown 34

Thus begins the Battle of Helm’s De— erm, Wakanda. Bucky is awake from cryogenic sleep (hurray!) and wielding his favorite automatic machine gun, standing in wait alongside legions of Wakandan soldiers.

avengers infinity war breakdown 35

There is Bucky again, in the back with Steve and the more Wakandan soldiers as Black Panther leads the charge against Thanos’ forces, the city of Wakanda behind their backs. While we’ve only seen three of the Avengers so far, this is definitely the lead-up to the buzzy scene that directors Anthony and Joe Russo have teased as including over 30 Marvel characters in one scene.

avengers infinity war breakdown 36

Sam Wilson comes barreling down in his Falcon outfit, shooting the hordes of Outriders attacking the Wakandans on the plains surrounding Wakanda.

avengers infinity war breakdown 37

An intimidating wide shot of the army of Outriders surging to attack Wakanda.

avengers infinity war breakdown 38

Thankfully it seems like the Wakandans, allied with the Avengers, are almost matched in numbers.

avengers infinity war breakdown 39

Hero shot! For the first time since Civil War, we see Steve, Bucky, Natasha, T’Challa, Hulk, Falcon, and War Machine (it’s Don Cheadle because the suit is entirely grey, right?) in one shot, plus Danai Gurira’s fierce warrior, Okoye.

avengers infinity war breakdown 40

After the Avengers title card rolls, we see Thor, eyepatch intact (we didn’t have to worry after all) and disheveled after his crash into the Guardians of the Galaxy’s spaceship. “Who the hell are you guys?” he asks, breathing heavily.

avengers infinity war breakdown 41

Cut to a very appropriate shot of the Guardians looking cheery and unbothered. Except for Teen Groot, who is definitely suffering the pangs of adolescence.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on May 4, 2018.

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