R. R. Fletcher

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Austin, TX
The University Of Texas At Austin, NYU, Texas A&M University
Classic Films, Horror And Sci-Fi, Cinematic History
  • Rhonda is a feature writer for /Film.
  • She has written two non-fiction books, "Growing Up Entrepreneur" and "Deep Eddyfication," which are currently in post-production, and works on documentary development.
  • In addition, she has previously written for numerous sites as a ghostwriter and is a reviewer-critic for Dead Talk News, a scriptwriter for Burnt Oranges Productions, and a senior creative for Austin Films.


Rhonda has worked as a professional, speaker, educator, and writer for almost two decades. Combining her business acumen, entrepreneurial experience, and healthcare background, she wrote for print publications such as Houston Business Journal, Amputee Coalition, and O & P News. Changing professions, Rhonda focused on documentary, non-fiction business books, travel manuscripts, and scriptwriting. In 2019, Rhonda began writing horror and sci-fi reviews and featured content for Dead Talk News. She continues to write travel and lifestyle content for Coastal Confessions, advocating for sustainable travel. She serves as Senior Creative for Austin Films.


Rhonda has a Bachelors', MBA, and PsyD. from The University of Texas at Austin and a degree from NYU in Film and Photography.
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