Rebecca Pahle

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Brooklyn, NY
UNC Charlotte
Movies, Fashion, Theatrical Exhibition Industry
  • Rebecca Pahle has written about film and the theatrical exhibition industry for 10+ years, with staff positions at MovieMaker Magazine, The Mary Sue, Pajiba, and (currently) Boxoffice Pro.
  • Pahle's particular areas of interest include obscure horror films, film history, and the intersection of film and fashion. She has written about said topics in a freelance capacity at outlets including Vulture, Mel, Mental Floss, Fangoria, SYFY, and more.
  • Pahle runs the social media account @acapeaday (Twitter), documenting instances of capes in film and television, from the earliest days of the medium to modern releases.


Rebecca has written about the entertainment industry since 2008, covering a variety of niches: independent filmmaking (MovieMaker Magazine, managing editor), the intersection of feminism and geek culture (The Mary Sue), and the international movie theater business, the latter at B2B publications Film Journal International and Boxoffice Pro. She has moderated panels at industry conventions, including CinemaCon, and has covered a variety of film festivals (NYFF, Fantasia, SXSW) in both a freelance and staff capacity, as well as sitting on several juries. While she currently serves as the Deputy Editor of Boxoffice Pro, she expresses her love of all things Weird Cinema (including, but not limited to, early exploitation cinema, horror obscurities, and fashion in literature) through freelance work. Rebecca also serves as the Vice President of Women in Exhibition, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women in the global cinema space.


Rebecca graduated with a B.A. in History (and a minor in Film Studies) from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte.
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