Andrew Bloom

Dallas, TX
Raft College
Movies, TV, Literature
  • Andrew Bloom is a Freelance Features Writer for /Film.
  • He's previously written for publications across the pop culture landscape such as Consequence of Sound and The Spool.
  • His debut science fiction short story, "Pinpricks of Light", appears in the All the King's Men anthology.


Andrew Bloom has been thinking too hard about television, film, and the rest of the pop culture landscape since he could sit in front of a glowing screen. He has written professionally for more than a decade, including as a senior writer for publications like Consequence of Sound and The Spool. He's also appeared on a variety of podcasts covering classic movies, prestige TV, and animation. He joined /Film in 2021, where he dreams up features on everything from the continuing adventures of the Simpsons to latest superhero releases. He's also the author of "Pinpricks of Light", a science fiction short story which appears in the All the King's Men anthology.


Andrew has a bachelor's degree from Raft College, a school he got into because they didn't meet him first.
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