Ant-Man dirt

27. 3D printing – Almost everything on the costumes that wasn’t fabric was built in a 3D printer, then finished to look real. The team would design something in CAD on their computer, break it into pieces, then print those out and assemble them.

28. The hardest thing Rudd has to do on set was… “Stay away from the craft services table.” The actor got in great shape for the role and, as usual, catering on a movie like this is pretty impressive.

29. A vacuum cleaner is a set – Down at the Macro department, we were shown a video of some of the footage shot with their impressive lenses. The footage consisted of ultra closeups of a record player, a bathtub, clothes and more. As stated above, these cameras are shooting on a whole stage of sets, some big, some small. Sometimes, they can get seconds of footage by shooting just 6 inches of a surface. Other times it’s more complicated, like when the crew had to shoot a scene which will take place inside a vacuum cleaner. These are digital effects, yes, but practical in a way too. When ants march up to a coffee cup, they actually shot a real coffee cup. It wasn’t created in the computer. “Macro is crucial,” says Reed. There are “insane calculations” to make sure the lighting, sound and movement are just right and that everything in these shots looks real and tactile.

30. Scene 197 Part 3: The eyes – We’re back watching the helicopter scene and now we see Rudd hanging from that aforementioned seatbelt. He’s making his eyes almost uncomfortably wide and we hear later its because this is the first time in the movie we’ll see his eyes through the lenses.

31. Red button means small – The trigger to make Ant-Man ant sized is a nickel-sized red button at the base of his left pointer finger. It’s perfectly accessible by a thumb.

32. Scene 197 Part 4: The big reveal – After seeing Rudd’s wide eyes, the team turns to the reverse shot. Here we see Corey Stoll in full mo-cap suit (which is incidentally, black with yellow designs on it making him look like his character). We were told this is the first time the audience will see the full Yellowjacket costume in all its glory. It’s also the first time Scott Lang sees it. “It’s a big moment,” says Reed.

Peyton Reed Ant-Man

33. The spine of the script is the same – Peyton Reed (above) explained that while the “spine” of the script written by Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish is there, this version has a different tone.

34. Age of Ultron fallout – Reed said the only real effect of the fallout at the end of Age of Ultron is how it enforces Pym’s bad feelings about superheroes. However, we found out later there is more. (No spoilers here, though.)

35. The old-fashioned style of Hank Pym – Production designer Shepherd Frankel explains that the design of Hank Pym, from his clothes to his home and offices, are all old-school and drawn from another era.

36. Pym Technoligies is Atlanta for San Francisco – Our second day on set wasn’t at Pinewood. It was on location at the Georgia Archives Building on Capital Ave. in Atlanta. The look of the building –no windows, very dated – made it a prime place to shoot Pym Technologies. However, in the film, Pym Tech will be located on Treasure Island in San Francisco with a beautiful view of the Bay Bridge.

37. Aerial footage combination – The production shot lots of exterior aerial footage of Treasure Island so that in the final film, the Atlanta location will seamlessly appear to be in San Francisco.

38. Pym Tech exteriors are plentiful – Finkel explains that several scenes, including some action scenes, take place outside Pym Tech so they had to completely redesign the exterior space. They brought in huge molecule sculptures. They put the logo on the street (photos of which, incidentally, hit the Internet the same day we were on set), unwired a bunch of street lamps that were in front to create more space, then added in more lights of their own. The production also added railings, a pool, a full guardhouse complete with gate, office supplies and more. Overall it took about three weeks to get to this point and work will continue for a few more days.

39. Pym Tech or Cross Tech – Though Hank Pym is old school, Darren Cross is not. Concept art of the complete Pym Tech building reveals a Helipad and many modern touches. This is because Cross is the head of the company now, and Pym isn’t really involved.

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