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Jacob Hall: Race With the Devil

Jack Starrett’s original 1975 Race With the Devil is one of the coolest movies I’ve ever seen. A hybrid of a car chase movie and an occult horror film, it follows two couples road tripping in an RV who find themselves pursued by a Satanic cult after witnessing a terrifying ritual sacrifice. But since this is a movie starring Peter Fonda and Warren Oates, our heroes don’t just roll over when things get tough – they take the fight to the evil bastards who come at them, resulting in an intoxicating blend of horror and action, with neither genre diminishing the other. The car chases are as thrilling as the scenes of terror.

So why remake a movie that is already good, still holds up today, and has a strong cult following among genre aficionados? The reason is twofold. First: while Race With the Devil is, in many ways, the ultimate ’70s movie, its concept feels readymade for the modern era. Just look at a director like James Wan, who has proven adept as helming giant car chase blockbusters (Furious 7) and crowd-pleasing horror movies (The Conjuring). The chance for fresh talent to smash these two genres together, to terrify and thrill in equal measure, is an exciting thought.

And second…well, let’s just say that I find the original film’s nihilistic, abrupt ending unsatisfying on just about every level and feel like it’s setting up a proper climax rather than serving as one. I think a new version could supply the denouement these characters deserve.

Chris Evangelista: From Hell

Alan Moore’s graphic novel From Hell is not just one of the best comics I’ve ever read – it’s one of the best books I’ve read in general. A brutal, mind-bending journey through the murders of Jack the Ripper, Moore combines royal conspiracies, the occult, and much, much more, all of it rendered starkly by Eddie Campbell’s inky black and white drawings. I was very excited when a film adaptation of From Hell was announced, until I finally saw the film when it was released in 2001. Filmmakers have never been able to really get Moore’s work right, but in this case, The Hughes Brothers, who directed the film, completely gutted everything that made Moore’s book unique. The book makes no mystery of who Jack the Ripper is – in fact, the bulk of it is told from his point of view. The film, in sharp contrast, turns the crimes into a mystery, with Johnny Depp hamming it up as a devoted inspector hot on the Ripper’s trail. Even if this weren’t an adaptation of Moore’s book, it would still stink – there’s no real tension here, and Heather Graham turns in a truly dreadful performance, bad Irish accent and all, as one of Jack the Ripper’s potential victims. Ideally, I’d love if someone took Moore’s book and adapted it more faithfully. There’s way too much material in the graphic novel to even it inside a film, so an unflinching miniseries for HBO would probably be the best bet. Make it happen, someone!

Honey I Shrunk the Kids - Movies Leavng Netflix

Ethan Anderton: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

It’s surprising that this movie hasn’t been remade yet, especially with how obsessed Walt Disney Pictures has been recently about mining their library for remakes of their most beloved titles. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids is the kind of family friendly adventure that doesn’t get made by Disney as often as the studio used to churn them out. Honestly, the movie still holds up and has some incredible practical effects used to bring it to life. But I think the time is ripe for a more contemporary remake.

Combining the state-of-the-art visual effects today with ample practical effects work would result in quite an action-packed studio tentpole that the whole family can enjoy. There are plenty of changes in our society that might be fun to play with when our characters are shrunken down to a minuscule size. I’m picturing a group of kids trying to operate a smart phone from the surface of the screen, attempting to send a message to their parents, only to end up in a purse or briefcase. Or maybe them activating a Roomba on the floor to get across the now massive surface of their house. The possibilities are endless, and I’d like to see Disney take a crack at updating this one.

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