Caesar’s journey is over but do you imagine you could create another character in the Apes world?

That’s the great thing about performance capture. If it does go on, I do love that world. I think it’s an extraordinary storytelling world to be part of, a great metaphor and says such a lot about the human condition as I think this story does too. So yes, I’d jump at the chance to do it.

Has Amazon reached out to you about the Lord of the Rings series they’re doing?

No, they haven’t. It’s fascinating, that. I think their take is, I don’t want to misquote, but I’ve heard they’re taking the world of Lord of the Rings as such and the universe of the characters and telling other stories, not just the actual main story of Lord of the Rings.

Yes, it’s new stories, but unclear whether they’re prequels or going on simultaneously to the books and movies.

Yeah, so I don’t know too much about it.

How would you feel to see a different new take on Smeagol if that’s the way they go?

Oh, look, I mean, that’s the way life is. You do a version and then you hand it over to the next generation and that’s how it goes. I’ve done that, with Planet of the Apes, Roddy McDowell, and the 1933 King Kong and then Peter Jackson making his, one in between with Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange. That’s the nature of these great mythical stories that can go on being retold and reinvented. That’s what storytelling is.

Are you developing an Animal Farm film with performance capture?

Yes, so we’re making that with Netflix too. We’ve got an incredible cast lined up for that and it couldn’t be more timely.

Is that why you chose Animal Farm or would you be interested in adapting that anyway?

No, I’d been developing it with Jonathan Cavendish, my business partner at The Imaginarium. We’d had the rights to Animal Farm for some years, in fact before we started on this. That was going to be ahead of Mowgli and then it worked out better that we did this.

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