Amy Schumer Hosted Saturday Night Live

Thought not quite as celebrated as the Christmas episode, Saturday Night Live always does something special for Mother’s Day. This time they pulled out pull the stops for the cold open, opting to avoid all of the typical political satire (kind of) and deliver a heartwarming tribute to the cast members’ mothers. In fact, the episode as a whole pretty much steered clear of politics entirely.

As for Amy Schumer, in her second time hosting the comedian was extremely comfortable. This should come as no surprise since Inside Amy Schumer gave her plenty of sketch comedy experience, but unfortunately this time the episode as a whole wasn’t quite as good as her hosting debut. There were still some big laughs to be had, especially when Melissa McCarthy showed up for a surprise cameo.

The Best

The Day You Were Born – Every mother has that wonderful story they tell their young ids about how magical it was on the day they were born. But more than likely, the real story was nothing like that. In this case, we get to see what really happened during the miracle of childbirth. As expected, it entails a lot of swearing, screaming and even some pooping.

Graduation Commercial – This recurring bit of creating monster truck rally style commercials for mundane events is one of my favorites. This one lands particularly well with all the graduation ceremonies happening around the country. But what makes it great is that it absolutely nails all the tropes of a real graduation. I love it.

Lil Rent – Man, the idea of a children’s production of RENT is so great that I can’t believe that no one thought of it until now. Plus, the sketch is boosted by  the appearance of Amy Schumer as one of her signature characters, the little Southern belle Amy Merryweather Sherman. Honestly, I think there’s the potential for this sketch to recur with more inappropriate plays being adapted for family friendly audiences.

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